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7 Applications To Relieve Your Math Anxiety

The abstract and cumulative nature of mathematics makes it a challenging subject. Many struggle with this subject and feel anxious when they cannot solve complex problems. Students even complain of experiencing knots in their stomach when it’s time for math. So, do not think math anxiety isn’t real. It can make you fear failure and doubt yourself. You might even stare down at a page full of easy math questions but cannot bring yourself to answer the questions.

Fortunately, there are quite a few math-solving apps available online to help solve your math anxiety. Read along to know them.


One of the largest online learning platforms is Brainly. The app offers students 24/7 access to subject-related assistance. For example, with the help of the Brainly Math Solver, users get step-by-step guidance while they are solving complicated issues. All they need to do is snap a picture of the math problem or write the equation manually on the device’s touchscreen. Then, the AI instantly analyzes the problem and offers the correct solution with a step-by-step explanation. Sometimes, the explanations are even aided by visual or graphical representations for better understanding.


PocketCAS is a well-designed application that solves advanced math equations through animated plots, graphics, and intuitive UI. The app can be used offline, and users are taken through all levels of mathematics, from school algebra to advanced calculus.

The application has a dedicated math keyboard for typing formulas. So, you don’t have to worry about finding the right formulas and symbols for your math equation. Furthermore, CSV import is available.


Cymath is an intuitive educational application that helps students solve their math problems. In addition, the app helps with completing math homework. You need to enter a problem from your homework, and the app will solve it while providing you with a step-by-step explanation. The app covers myriad topics, such as logarithms, equation solving, exponents, factoring, quadratic equations, complex numbers, partial functions, polynomial division, trigonometry, etc. It even includes calculus and integration by parts.


Photomath is an application that helps solve complicated math problems. You can easily know how to use the application. You need to click a picture of a handwritten or printed question, and the app will solve the problem. For solving equation-based problems, the app doesn’t need an Internet connection. It offers several solving methods to a single question and covers arithmetic, basic Math/Pre-algebra, decimal numbers, integers, roots, fractions, functions, logarithms, etc.

Star Dash Studios

Star Dash Studios help solve math problems, and it is set against the backdrop of a movie studio. The app is designed to help users practice their numeracy skills through engaging gameplay. The app is specifically developed for people who struggle with mathematics and would like to solve equations while playing games.

Let’s do the Math

Let’s do the Math is an excellent application that allows users to immerse themselves in solving math equations and problems. The math problems in the application have a minimum of fifty words, and it is an excellent way to keep users immersed.

It is a fun application for students suffering from math phobia and helps enhance their quantitative skills in addition and subtraction. The application uses flashcards, which play an important role in getting the students’ attention.

The app is also enriched with fun games to help kids learn faster.


Mathmateer is another highly reputed application designed for elementary school kids who fear math. Students will surely be fascinated with the idea of creating a rocket ship or launching a device into space. The app contains exciting games to help students overcome their fear and phobia of math. The games within the app strive to clarify math’s basic ideas and concepts to primary students. These games help students quickly grasp the ideas of fractions, square roots, etc. They can even recognize different shapes and patterns. Some other app features include arithmetic games consisting of three levels, more than ninety attractive rocket parts, amazing sound effects, etc. Users can even create up to five different profiles on the application.

Users are guaranteed to enjoy using this game and going on missions to solve math equations. It is a fun way to learn math, and once you solve them, you will earn stars, coins, etc.

Summing Up

So, do you have a math phobia? You are about to overcome your fear of math by downloading and using the applications mentioned above. These apps are interactive, fun, and playful. They ensure users learn math and solve their equations in a friendly environment without feeling too stressed. So, use these applications for yourself and see the difference it makes in your life. You can also recommend these apps to a loved one who is struggling with complicated or even simple math equations.

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