Where can I find heater hose quick connectors?

Where can I find heater hose quick connectors?

Simply visit our website or use our convenient mobile app and enter “heater hose quick connectors near me” in the search bar. This should bring up a wide variety of high-quality heater hose quick connectors to choose from by popular brands like Dorman, Help, and KAT’S Heaters.

What to do if your heater hose is stuck?

That quick connector is stuck in the manifold, and we’re going to get you through this challenge, one way or another. Regardless of just how broken your heater hose quick connector is, the aim of this project is to get the remaining pieces out without damaging the threads on the engine block side.

How big is the Dorman 800-403 heater hose connector?

The Quick Connects are listed as 5/8″ (Dorman 800-403) and 3/4″ (Dorman 800-404). This refers to the pipe coming out of the heater core or metal connector, not the the size of the rubber hose attaching to the Quick Connects.. My 93-94 Aerostar heater core uses Dorman 800-404.

How does a water pump connect to a heater?

These hoses connect securely to the heater core or water pump through the use of heater hose quick connectors that are often made of durable plastic or metal.

How to remove a heater hose quick connect on a GM?

In this video I will show y’all how to remove a heater hose quick connect on a Chevrolet Silverado. Also applies to suburban, Tahoe etc… with the simple use of a quick connect tool this is a simple job. Just make sure the coolant is not hot. Make sure the coolant is cool. Loading…

Where to get a broken heater hose fitting?

First of all, thank you guys for your imput. After reading the posts we went to Menards to get a dremel tool, went to Napa to get a new nipple coupler for $7.49 (Napa part number 730-4943), and went to O’Reilly’s to get the broken nipple remover tool (part number LIS 62200).

Where is the heater hose fitting in the intake?

The fitting, which goes into the back of the intake on the passenger side and adapts to the heater hose tubing, broke. It looks like the broken piece still in the intake is half inch pipe thread. The broken fitting must be popmetal or alluminum. Also, there is approximately two threads still sticking out above the intake.

How to remove the heater hose from a Chevy truck?

Removing the heater hose connector is simple with the right tool. Installing the new disconnect does not require the tool. Loading…

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