What are the symptoms of code p0093?

What are the symptoms of code p0093?

If the fuel injector is stuck open, perhaps due to contamination or damage, fuel will constantly leak from the injector, leading to an unexpected drop in fuel pressure. What are the symptoms of code P0093 ? Depending on the nature of the failure, you may notice various problems with your vehicle. You may experience hard starting or no starting.

What does p0093 mean on a Toyota Hilux?

I keep getting a p0093 code on a 3.0 1KDFTV Toyota Hilux everytime the vehicle crosses 120kilometers per hour. It drives great under 120kph. No leaks are present externally, fuel fressures are within the normal range at no load (idle 35 megapascals, 2500rpm 43 megapascals). All injectors feed back v…

What causes a DTC p0093 fuel system leak?

Depending on year, make, and model, DTC P0093 may have number of causes, but this is the most common. Faulty Fuel Injector – High-Pressure Fuel Injectors can fail in a number of ways, electrically or mechanically. A sluggish injector will not react as fast as the FID commands,…

How does a fuel system code p0093 work?

When the computer sets this code it senses a large fuel leak in the high pressure section of the engine. The ECM in a diesel always monitors and controls the fuel pressure from the fuel injector pump to the injectors as long as the engine is running. To set a code P0093 the ECM must sense a sudden large drop in fuel pressure within the system.

What causes a Toyota Auris to set p0093?

The car sets P0093 because the pressure created and measured in the fuel pump isn’t replicated on the common rail, most common cause is the SCV valve sticking causing the rail pressure to drop or less common is an injector not holding pressure.

What causes a Toyota club Club fault code p0093?

Most common cause of P0093 is a failing SCV valve and other than an occasional dripping injector nozzle actual physical leaks are almost unheard of.

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