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What kind of test can I do on a GM car?

What kind of test can I do on a GM car?

With the tests in this article, you’ll be able to test and diagnose: A bad ignition control module, or a bad ignition coil, or a bad distributor cap, or bad spark plug wires. For a complete list of GM vehicles these tests apply to, take a look at the bottom of the page.

What kind of problem does a 1997 GMC pick up have?

1997 GMC K1500, K2500, K3500 Pick Up. All of the information you need to diagnose a misfire or a no-start problem (caused by the ignition coil, the ignition module, or the crankshaft position sensor). Wiring diagrams.

What are the symptoms of a bad engine ground?

Symptoms of a bad engine ground may include: Dim lights. Flickering lights. Electrical devices working erratically. Faulty fuel pump. Slipping or burned out AC compressor clutch. Intermittent failure of sensors.

Can a bad ignition pickup cause an engine to stall?

One of the first symptoms of a bad ignition pickup is an engine that stalls and eventually will not restart. Consequently, An old or failing ignition pickup may cut out signal intermittently, which may cause the engine to stall. The engine may suddenly just shut off, almost as if the key had been turned off.

What do you take out of a 1996 GMT400?

So all engine sensors, o2, throttle, injectors, egr, all will be removed from the 4.3l harness, including transmission. I will be keeping the 1998 neutral safety switch wiring, as this will keep the starter circuit, reverse lights, and PRNDL indicator on the dash working.

Is the GMT400 the ultimate 88-98 GM Truck?

Introduce yourself here. Discuss your tools, work areas and methods. Latest: 98 k3500 driving me insane. Wiring harness issues smokymtn65, Today at 8:53 AM Find local members for meets, shows or parts. Latest: Texas Roll Call! SUBURBAN5, Apr 28, 2021

What are the most common GMC truck problems?

One of the most common 2007-2013 GMC and Chevy truck problems owners experience is excessive oil consumption. This problem led vehicle buyers to launch a class-action lawsuit against GM, which alleged 2010-2013 vehicles with Generation IV 5.3 Liter V8 Vortec 5300 engines were defective.

What was the name of the 1996 Chevy Silverado?

The entire pickup line took the Silverado name for the 1999 model year when General Motors upgraded the decade-old GMT400 platform to the GMT800 platform. The 1996 Silverado was the top Chevy pickup in 1996, and it was the first GM pickup with the new Vortec V8.

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