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What is R8 resistor?

What is R8 resistor?

GHD 4.1B and Type 1 4.2B – These have a single 100 Ohm “Melf” (i.e. cylindrical) resistor called the R8 resistor. These resistors are more suited for the application however they still fail and go open circuit.

Why have my GHD straighteners stopped working?

No power to your ghds could also mean the thermal fuse has blown inside. This is designed to blow when ghds overheat. If your ghds won’t turn on it may also be a resistor on the circuit board that has blown. A very common fault on this model and again can be diagnosed and repaired by using our service.

Can GHD Platinum be repaired?

Can ghd Platinum be repaired? The ghd Platinum model of hair straighteners can now be repaired. Aftermarket spares are now available for this model of ghd platinum version S8T261. Electrical repairs and cable replacements can now be carried out.

How does a resistor fail?

Resistor failures are considered to be electrical opens, shorts or a radical variation from the resistor specifications. A fixed composition resistor normally fails in an open configuration when overheated or overly stressed due to shock or vibration. Excessive humidity may cause an increase in resistance.

What do you do if your straightener won’t turn on?

Check the cord for any frayed or exposed wires. If that is fine, it could either be a faulty on/off switch or a blown fuse. See our troubleshooting guide here for more information. if your flat iron is not working then make sure it’s plugged in or you can replace it with a new one.

How do you fix a straightener that won’t heat up?

If the metal plates still get warm but not hot, it could be gunk that has built up behind them. Clean behind the plates. Remove the plates by removing the small screws that hold them in place. Clean the area and reattach the plates.

Can you repair hair straighteners?

Some problems with hair straighteners can be repaired yourself, whereas others are more technical or reparable only by a professional.

Why did my straightener stopped working?

What fuse do GHDs take?

All models of GHD can have a 3 amp fuse fitted. Fuse failure is uncommon on all models. Under no circumstances should a 13 amp fuse be fitted.

Is the GHD Mk4 the same as the 4.2 Irons?

This model is a MK4 pair of GHD straightener in various different colours. It was also given the label 4.3, but they were in fact exactly the same as the 4.2 irons. For information about repairing this model, see the Mk4 debugging page.

Is the GHD 4.2B a type 2 straightener?

The type 2 GHD 4.2B straighteners have a different cable connection to all previous GHD straighteners. To add to the confusion they also changed the type of cable and socket at some point!

Can a Type 3 cable be replaced on a GHD?

There is a video that shows how to replace the type 3 cable here. In all previous models of GHD the heater plate are held in by plate mounts that just clip onto the heater plate with plastic clips on the mounting part. In the 4.2 type 2 irons they use extra metal clips to hold it all together.

What to do if your GHD iron stops working?

The original type 2 4.2B iron used a cable like this: This style of connector has a problem where the contacts for the central pin get bent outwards and stop making contact with the pin. Therefore if your GHDs are dead, try gently bending those contacts back in with a small screw driver.

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