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What is the function of levator labii superioris?

What is the function of levator labii superioris?

The levator labii superioris muscle, also known as the quadratus labii, contributes to facial expression and movement of the mouth and upper lip. It courses alongside the lateral aspect of the nose, and its primary function is elevation of the upper lip.

What is the function of the levator anguli oris muscle?

A muscle used in facial expression, primarily for smiling, the levator anguli oris elevates the angles of the mouth. The levator anguli oris originates roughly 1 cm inferior to the infraorbital foramen from the canine fossa of the maxilla and is located in the deepest layer of mimetic muscle.

What is the function of the levator labii superioris quizlet?

Upper lip between the levator angulis oris and levator labii superior alaeque nasi. Elevates and everts the upper lip. Anterior surface of the zygomatic bone, immediately medial to the zygomatic major muscle. Elevates the upper lip.

What three muscles elevate the upper lip?

Elevators of the upper lip include the levator labii superioris and the levator labii superioris alequae nasi muscle. Levator muscles attach to the lower lip at or near the modiolus to elevate the lips or oral commissure. Various depressors of the lower lip attach to the modiolus and the skin of the lip.

How do you use the levator Labii Superioris?

Levator labii superioris is primarily responsible for elevating the upper lip. To focus on this muscle, stand in front of a mirror so you can see the movement of the exercise. Pucker your lips while bringing your upper lip up towards your nose. Hold this position for ten seconds then release.

What does Labii mean in anatomy?

a Latin word meaning “of the labium” (= a lip or fold on the outside of the female sex organs), used in medical names and descriptions. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases.

Which is a complex of muscles that encircles the mouth?

orbicularis oris muscle
In human anatomy, the orbicularis oris muscle is a complex of muscles in the lips that encircles the mouth. It is a sphincter, or circular muscle, but it is actually composed of four independent quadrants that interlace and give only an appearance of circularity.

What is the Modiolus of mouth?

The modiolus is defined in various dental dictionaries as a point lateral to the corner or angle of the mouth where certain muscles of facial expression converge (Jablonski, 1982; Manhold and Balbo, 1985; Harty and Ogston, 1987).

Which is the lateral most head of the Quadratus Labii Superioris?

Intermediate head that lies lateral to the common elevator. The lateral belly begins at the anterior part of the cheekbone and runs obliquely downward and medially to the angle of the mouth. It is the lateral most head of the Quadratus labii superioris muscle.

What is the function of the tongue quizlet?

The tongue functions in the digestive and nervous system and shapes sounds for vocal communication. It manipulates each bite of food and then helps form the bolus of food to be swallowed. The tongue helps us determine five different tastes: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, or umami.

What is the insertion of the levator labii superioris?

The levator labii superioris alaeque nasi muscle is attached to the upper frontal process of the maxilla and inserts into the skin of the lateral part of the nostril and upper lip. It has the longest name of any muscle in an animal.

How do you use the levator labii superioris?

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