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New Vodka Trends to Watch Out For

Vodka is the biggest seller in the U.S. spirits industry, with a market size of $25.98 billion in 2022 and an expected compound annual growth rate of 5.6 percent from 2023 to 2030. There is something particularly refreshing about vodka, thought is current appeal can be attributed to many more factors—including its versatility, mixability, and rich cultural heritage. Today, there is a wide array of vodka types to choose from, ranging from traditional potato-based to gluten-free vodkas. If this transparent beverage of the gods has always had a special place in your home bar, then say hello to the following trends.

Handcrafted Vodkas

Consumers today are far savvier when it comes to selecting vodka varieties than in the past, with many seeking special, handcrafted bottles that are made in small batches. Orchard vodkas are rising in popularity, for instance. Rather than being made with traditional potato, they are crafted in small batches from fruits such as orchard apples. The result is an ultra-smooth beverage with no burn, bite, or bitterness. Apple vodka boasts a clean, crisp taste that is boosted by unique practices such as frequent testing of new vodka three times an hour to ensure that quality is optimal.


Flavored Vodkas

Vodkas bearing natural flavors such as herb, citrus, and vegetable are gaining traction. Customers are seeking a wide variety of sensations, and going for vodkas that contain ingredients like honey melon and spicy tamarind. Some brands over 15 varieties, tempting consumers to purchase unique bottles for special parties and gifts for loved ones. Flavors vary according to the season, with spicier varieties suiting the winter and flavors like pink lemonade, blue raspberry, and peach lemonade making their presence felt in the summer.


Ready-to-Drink Vodka Cocktails

As summer approaches, ready-made canned cocktails featuring premium vodka are doing a roaring trade at beach and pool parties. Drinkers are making more adventurous choices than beer or sparkling wine, and fruity, sweet vodka cocktails are an ideal alternative. Vodka is an ideal ingredient for blended drinks, owing to is clear, versatile nature. One cocktail that is particularly trendy at the moment is the vodka (as opposed to gin-based) martini. The latter entered the top 10 list of the most ordered cocktails at US bars in 2022. Also on the rise are twists on traditional cocktails—including espresso martinis—which every celebrity and real star seems to be going gaga over.


Vodka is official the top-selling spirit in the US. The rise of social media has seen users become considerably savvier with respect to the way vodka is made and the list of possible ingredients that can be used to craft it. Handcrafted and flavored vodkas and ready-to-drink canned cocktails are just three of the hottest trends in the world of vodka.

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