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Is it OK to use 75w140 instead of 80W90?

Is it OK to use 75w140 instead of 80W90?

Can I use 75w140 instead of 80w90? Either one is fine. Generally the synthetic 75w-140 is for HD applications such as towing, but it will work fine in any application.

What is the difference between 80 90 gear oil and 85 140 gear oil?

Which gear oil is thicker, 80W 90 or 85W 140? – Quora. Short answer: 85W140 is thicker.

Can you use 85W 140 instead of 75w140?

85w-140 transfers heat MUCH slower (because it flows slower) than 75w-140 causing more heat build-up. 75w-90 is even better and will bring diff temps down further, but it does not provide the shock loading properties that our rear ends require.

Is 75w140 better than 75w90?

A 75W-90 will be thinner at higher oil temperatures than a 75W-140. Both are the same thickness at lower oil temperatures. The 75W-140 is said to have a wider viscosity range – when more accurately it would be a wider temperature range.

Can you mix different weight gear oil?

You can mix conventional and synthetic gear lubes, they are compatible with each other, and you can mix their viscosities without problem. The resuliting viscosity will just be somewhere between the two viscosities that were mixed together.

What is gl5 oil?

DESCRIPTION. GL-5 Heavy Duty Gear Oil is an extreme pressure, multi-purpose, automotive gear lubricant. Excellent performance for differentials operating under high speed, low torque; and low speed, high torque conditions. It meets SAE, military and commercial specs.

What is SAE 140 gear oil?

SAE Class 140 transmission oils consist of high-quality mineral oils. They are mildly additivated and therefore also compatible with older passenger car models such as vintage cars or classic motorcycles.

What is the thickest weight gear oil?

The SAE grading system indicates oil viscosity in simple numbers ranging from the thin oil (10) to the very thick oil (140 or above). Heavier weight, or higher grade oil is more viscous and therefore thicker as it flows between the gears. Light grade oil is ideal for small, fast, polished gears under a light load.

Can I use 80w90 instead of 75w90?

Ans: Yes, you can mix 75w90 with 80w90.

What’s the difference between 80w-90 and 75W-140?

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