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What should the heater core inlet temperature be?

What should the heater core inlet temperature be?

Re: What should the heater core inlet hose temperature… It sounds as if you have a blockage in your heater core itself. You can usually remove both hoses from the core at the firewall and using compressed air, blow backwards into the heater core until it is cleared.

Where is the hose on a car heater?

Carefully examine the hose from the water pump back to the heater core inlet and outlet near the firewall (backside of the engine compartment). The leak may be at a fitting on the water pump or even at the heater core.

Is there a Ford heater hose under intake replacement?

– YouTube FORD 4.6 , 5.4 , 6.8, HEATER HOSE UNDER INTAKE REPLACEMENT THE EASY WAY !!! If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

How do you disconnect a water line from a heater?

Much like a fuel line disconnect, the water hose tool is two half-moons with tabs that slide in behind the connector. Pop the tool behind the connector, and then pull of the hose to remove it. The tool remains on the pipe, don’t forget to take it off before installing a new hose.

Which is the inlet and outlet on the heater core?

If I’m in front of the car facing the firewall which nipple on the heater core is the inlet and outlet, would like to flush out heater core , but before I hook up hoses I don’t want to flush it on the inlet side , don’t want to compact more stuff into core, want to back flush it first a few times right hose: inlet. left hose: outlet.

Where can I get plastic heater hose connectors?

The plastic heater hose connectors are available from your local NAPA Auto Parts Store, or in an emergency you can temporarily use a basic worm-type hose clamp on the hose over the remaining copper tubing of the heater core. But the real trick is getting the connector off the pipe. A disconnect tool is available and usually does the trick quickly.

What to do when heater hose connector breaks?

Using a small reciprocating saw or hacksaw blade, cut the top and bottom of the connector just until you hit pipe. You can split it with a flat blade screwdriver if it doesn’t come apart easily. When one connector breaks, the other is usually not far behind.

When to replace plastic heater hose connectors in GMC?

Replacing GM plastic heater hose connectors is often an emergency situation, where the hose has broken on the side of the road. It is not a bad idea to preemptively attack this problem and replace them before one breaks and leaves you stranded.

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