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Why does my GMC Sierra AC blow cold and then warm?

Why does my GMC Sierra AC blow cold and then warm?

Basically, AC is cold for first 30 minutes of day, and then turns warm. I use to could turn the compressor off using the switch on the dash, wait a few minutes, then turn back on and it would cool down for 5 to 7 minutes then turn warm again. A never ending manual cycle through the day!

What should the ambient temperature be in a GMC Sierra?

Install the J 43600 ACR 2000 Air Conditioning Service Center. The ambient temperature must be at least 16°C (60°F). Do not induce additional air flow across the front of the vehicle during the test. Record the ambient temperature displayed on the J 43600.

What should the high side pressure be on a GMC Sierra?

Your low side pressure should be 30-35 PSI and your high side pressure should be 200 PSI. The orifice tube regulates the flow of Freon into the evaporator and the accumulator is not only your filter but also removes moisture that when reaches freezing can block the flow if the moisture is not absorbed by the accumulator.


Why does my GMC Sierra 1500 not work?

While there are a variety of reasons your GMC Sierra 1500 air conditioning won’t work, the most common 3 are a refrigerant leak, an electrical climate control issue, or a problem with the air conditioning compressor. What will be the outcome of an air conditioning system diagnosis?

Why does my Silverado Sierra have rumble strips?

Over the past moth or so I’ve noticed what feels like I’m driving over “rumble strips” while coming to a stop. It also does it at a slow-roll, say around 15-20 mph. It does NOT do it when I put it in neutral and stop.

Is the air in my GMC Sierra cold or warm?

First thing in the morning the air is cold. After 30 minutes of using, it turns warm and does not get cold again, unless I turn the truck off for a while and restart.

Is there a problem with my GMC Sierra?

GMC should stand behind there product and consider a recall. The shops act like they have never heard of the problem…All they say is, bring it in we’ll test it and charge ‘n arm and a leg..then say they couldn’t find anything….REEPERS! Drivers side will blow hot air while passenger side is cold.

Why does my GMC Sierra 1500 turn into a heater?

Spoke with a friend that has the same truck he said his and his dads truck did the same thing. This definitely needs to be looked into because it seems to be a very common problem. When I turn on the AC, it works but sometimes the pilot’s side turns into a heater without any reason; the co-pilot’s side is fine.

When did my GMC Sierra air conditioner stop working?

I had a 2001 GMC Sierra that did this when truck was less the one year old (summer of 2001 is when it was). The dealer had the truck in the shop idling for a long time and the A/C worked perfectly. I told them to take it for a ride and see. So the service manager in an effort to convince me nothing was wrong went for a ride with me driving.

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