In today's world, more and more students use essay writing services
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In today’s world, more and more students use essay writing services

It has long been no secret that the services for writing essays or even the purchase of already written essay have become commonplace in the lives of students who are often looking for help in writing an essay because of employment, lack of understanding of the subject or simply lack desire to win their laziness. According to research, about five per cent of students buys finished essays. And at least once downloaded an essay from the Internet every second student.

The industry of writing essays to order in the modern world has developed rapidly. According to the results of observations conducted in the last ten years, every year in this area of services to students there are ten new companies.

The popularity of essay writing services among students

Essay writing services, for example, essay writing service, operate around the world. A large proportion of the customers are Indian and Chinese students studying in the United States of America and Europe. If you believe the statistical information, offering these services every year resort about 50 000 students.

In some countries, such as New Zealand, as well as a number of States of America, the activity of the essay writing service is illegal. However, there are countries in which such business is quite legal. This led to the fact that most students order essay writing services via Internet services in other countries.

For foreign students, the process of learning in another country in a foreign language is very difficult, therefore, it is safe to say that absolutely all foreign students use the services to write an essay, as this type of work is very popular in those countries where they study. Main nationalities of students resorting to essay writing services:

  • most of these students are Chinese;
  • the second largest number of students who use such services are Indians;
  • the third place is occupied by students from Arab countries.

The rest of the clients of essay writing services are students who, for one reason or another, cannot write an essay on their own.

The flow of clients visiting the websites of essay writing services is very huge and reaches up to 1000 people daily. All of them can be attributed to the target audience, who are looking for services for writing an essay.

Demand for essay writing services

Today in the organizations of higher and secondary education a huge number of students are studied. Just imagine that they are all potential clients of essay writing services.

All clients who use essay writing services can be divided into two groups:

  • students-native English speakers;
  • students who speak other languages.

Representatives of the first group have very high requirements for authors and for confidentiality because higher education institutions very severely punish their students for using the services of third-party organizations in the learning process, up to expulsion. As for foreign students, they are easier to relate to the requirements for writing an essay, do not worry about privacy and are willing to pay more for the performance of services.

The age range of students using essay writing services is very wide. Students range in age from 18 to 23 years old are the most active in the matter of request on writing their essay. A lower activity of using the services of essay writing show students in the age of 25-30 years.

There is always a demand for essay writing services, but there are periods when it is the most intense. It reaches its highest peak from March to May and in September.

Seasonality is due to the demand for essay writing services. In the summer, when students have holidays and teachers have vacation time, the demand for services in essay writing decreases. We can not say that there is no demand at all, but the average number of visitors becomes less.


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