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What kind of crankshaft does a Chevy 348 use?

What kind of crankshaft does a Chevy 348 use?

For many high- end racing applications, a billet-steel crankshaft is desirable for engines of more than 1,200 hp. All Chevy 348 and 409 crankshafts are forged steel and that includes the rare Z11 crank- shaft.

How many journals are on a 348 crankshaft?

Five main journals are found on a 348 or 409 crankshaft. When looking at a block from the bottom, the outer journals on the front and back of the block are larger as they can take advantage of the thicker outside walls of the block. The center three mains are not as wide, as they need to give clearance for the rod journals of the crankshaft.

What kind of crankshaft do I need for Chevy 350?

Externally balanced cranks often require external items to be properly balanced. This can be added at the harmonic damper and/or flywheel. According to Eagle Specialties, Chevy 305 and 350 engines are typically internally balanced applications. Chevy 400 and 454 are often externally balanced.

What should I look for in a crankshaft?

You should inspect the crank for cracks, chips, gouges, and heavy wear, but also for crankshaft runout. If the crank is out of alignment or bent, it must be trued. If you’re building your first engine, it’s a good idea to rely upon a qualified machinist to thoroughly inspect the crankshaft for you.

How big is a small block Chevy crankshaft?

“If you’re aiming to build a forged small-block Chevy crankshaft with a four-inch stroke, the process begins with a round bar of metal that measures 4 3/4 inches in diameter,” said Lieb. “Following the forging process, the diameter of the crankshaft stretches to 6 3/4 inches.

What kind of steel is a 4340 Crankshaft made of?

They’re forged from 4340 steel with lightening holes in all rod journals and straight shot oil holes. Ideal for engines that need a quicker RPM curve.

Where is the thrust located in a crank endplay engine?

This makes crank endplay a spec that cannot be overlooked, and that alone should motivate all but the laziest of engine builders. We will be using both a small- and big-block Chevy for the images in this story, but the process is the same for all engines even when the thrust is located in the center main bearing as with Fords and the GM LS.

Why are there different types of crankshafts available?

“There are different crankshafts, each based on cost, strength, and whether there is any tooling available for them,” said Lieb. In regards to build quality, there is a specific hierarchy, depending on your specific application. “Horsepower-wise, cast crankshafts are great to a certain extent,” said Lieb.

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