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Why does the bar on the back of the seat not retract?

Why does the bar on the back of the seat not retract?

When you pull the handle and start moving the seat upright, the cable that goes over the pulley has tension applied and that’s what pulls the black bar down against the seat bottom. At the end of the travel when the seat is in the upright position there’s another mechanism that holds it there.

How to fix rear seat support that wont retract?

Put both seats in the up position and note that there are 6 separate trim pieces at the bottom that need to be removed. The middle one is two separate pieces of trim. This is a photo of the start This is the passenger side with the first trim piece removed. Next remove the center trim pieces. There are two parts

Where are the bolts on the back of the seat?

There are 3 bolts at the bottom of the seatback that need to be removed. They are gold in color. You can see the middle one clearly in the picture above. While the middle one is visible after your remove the center trim pieces, the two side ones are hidden behind the 4th and 5th trim pieces that are to be removed.

When did I replace my rear seat support?

Although this post http://www.ridgelineownersclub.com/forums/showpost.php?p=554138&postcount=387 and the one referenced in it were very helpful, I decided more pictures wouldn’t hurt. Having read the various posts and purchased the aluminum replacement pulleys, I decided to install them on 2/6/2011 and document the job in photos.

What happens if your back seat collapses in a car?

This can cause injuries to the front seat occupant, from “simple” whiplash to more extreme injuries like paralysis or death when the occupant ramps upward and hits the back seat or another part of the car. It’s also possible for people to be ejected backward.

Can a weak seat back cause an injury?

However, in 2019 a paper published by NHTSA shows that weak seats lead to serious injuries, and there are effective countermeasures.

What to do if your seat belt is stuck?

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Is the back seat safe for a child?

The back seat is currently still the safest place for children even though we acknowledge that rear-seat safety and technology hasn’t kept up with innovations in front seat safety and technology.

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