How do you eat oat bran in attack phase?

How do you eat oat bran in attack phase?

“The Attack Phase, you are on for one-to-ten days, and you’re supposed to lose up to 14 pounds. Basically, you eat all the lean protein you want, 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran a day and a whole lot of water. And that’s it.

How much oat bran can you eat in the attack phase?

During the “Attack” phase (1-10 days), you eat all the lean protein you can handle, plus 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran and at least 6 cups of water daily. In the “Cruise” phase (which can last several months), you add unlimited amounts of non-starchy veggies every other day, plus an extra half-tablespoon of oat bran.

Which is healthier oatmeal or oat bran?

1. Packed With Nutrients. Oat bran has a well-balanced nutritional composition. While it has similar amounts of carbs and fat as regular oatmeal, oat bran boasts more protein and fiber — and fewer calories.

Is cheese allowed on Dukan?

Every day, they can now eat: unlimited quantities of protein and vegetables. one piece of fruit. 1.5 ounces of hard-rind cheese.

Is it OK to eat raw oat bran?

Raw oat bran can be added to many foods including cold cereal, yogurt, smoothies and casseroles. It’s also an easy addition to baked good recipes including muffins, cookies, loaves and crisps. To enhance oat bran’s nutty flavour, you can toast it on a baking sheet at 375°F for 5 or 7 minutes, or until lightly browned.

What’s the difference between oat bran and oatmeal?

The Difference Between Oatmeal and Oat Bran Oatmeal comes from the inner part of the groat, while oat bran comes from the outer part. When oatmeal is processed, the outer layer, the bran, is removed. Oat bran is a better source of protein, B vitamins, iron and soluble fiber compared to oatmeal.

Is it OK to have oat bran porridge for breakfast?

Once you try this Creamy Oat Bran Porridge, you may never go back to traditional oatmeal again. This make-ahead breakfast is the nourishment you need to get your mornings going! Starting the day off with a healthy breakfast is important for so many reasons.

What’s the ratio of oat bran to water for porridge?

The water-oat bran ratio greatly depends on desired consistency, but ¼ cup oat bran to 1 cup of water is a good starting point giving you thicker porridge. Bring to boil and simmer for 5 minutes whisking every now and then. Turn off the heat; add ground flax seeds, desired spices, sea salt and sweetener.

How much oat bran should I eat a day?

You should incorporate 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran per day in any form you like – as porridge, with yoghurt, in muffins or pancakes. One food unrelated rule is to introduce exercise in the form of a 20 minute walk each day. Many dieters will be happy to hear that at the same time more extensive exercise is discouraged in this phase.

Can you make oat bran porridge with sour cherries?

Note for women: this oat bran porridge with sour cherries makes an excellent breakfast for follicular phase supporting your hormones do their job. It’s super easy and quick to cook oat bran porridge, as it doesn’t require soaking. Mix oat bran with water or plant-based milk or the mixture of both.

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