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Where is the Ford Fusion sync fuse located?

Where is the Ford Fusion sync fuse located?

Fuse box location The fuse panel is located under the instrument panel to the left of the steering column (behind the trim panel below the steering wheel).

How does a Body Control Module ( BCM ) work?

It streamlines the manufacturing and troubleshooting aspects of electronic modules by housing the modules into one, central unit instead of each function having its own device. It also coordinates the operating functions of many non-engine related ancillary items as well as security features.

Is there a way to repair a BCM?

In many instances, ModuleExperts can repair your BCM. In the event your BCM is beyond repair, we maintain an extensive inventory of new and remanufactured control modules to get you up and running quickly. Our A+ BBB rating proves our commitment to first-class customer service and satisfaction.

What happens when a BCM is turned off?

Your vehicle performance may also be affected as the BCM communicates with other control modules in the vehicle. Parasitic drain is due to components in your vehicle continuing to run after the key is turned off.

What happens when the dashboard instrumentation cluster malfunctions?

A malfunctioning BCM will activate dashboard instrumentation cluster error and warning lights. These lights may flash off and on if the BCM is not able to read the sensors correctly.

How can you tell if a fuse has blown on an instrument panel?

Figure 4. Instrument panel fuse box. You usually can identify a blown fuse by simply looking at it. If the thin metal strip inside the fuse is intact, then it’s most likely still working. If the thin metal strip has separated, then the fuse has blown.

How to troubleshoot a Body Control Module ( BCM )?

Turn the radio and CD player on. Sometimes a CD player will stop playing a CD and will begin broadcasting a radio station. The frequency of these actions depends on the severity of the malfunctioning BCM. Check the fuse box if you suspect that your vehicle’s BCM is on the blink. Make sure all the fuses are in good shape.

Where is the fuse box on a car?

You can find the instrument panel fuse box under the dashboard of the driver’s side. The lid can easily be removed by pulling it down. Most interior fuse boxes come complete with a plastic fuse puller. If yours is missing, you can use tweezers or needle nose pliers to remove the fuses.

What causes a BCM to malfunction on a car?

When a BCM is malfunctioning, the electronic components of the vehicle will begin acting in strange ways and not working properly. Some of the possible causes of a malfunctioning BCM include the clock on the radio not keeping its time and reverting to 12:00 when the vehicle is turned off, then turned on again.

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