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What is the best mod scooter?

What is the best mod scooter?

Vespa vs Lambretta

  • Honda MSX125. If you mixed a motorcycle and scooter together, you’d get the Honda MSX125.
  • Honda SH125i. Described as ‘sleek and practical’ by Honda, the SH125i is a nimble bike easy to ride through city traffic.
  • Piaggio Vespa ET4 125.
  • Yamaha Aerox.
  • Gilera DNA 125.
  • Lambretta Li 125.

Who makes the new Lambretta scooters?

The current bread-and-butter of the Lambretta brand is its V-Special line, which has styling enhanced by Kiska, a design company that also works with KTM. The V-Special models come with 50, 125, and 200 class motors.

What is the best Lambretta scooter?

Considered by many as one of the best looking scooters produced by Lambretta, the SX200 was also popular due to it’s ability to be tuned for increased power and speed – so was popular in the scooter racing scene at the time (and perhaps to this day with the BSSO!).

Are the new Lambretta scooters any good?

It feels sturdy with a steel semi-monocoque body and plenty of steel parts and aluminium front grill, handlebar components and trim. The V200 Special controls feel a bit notchy, but the paint, badges and details are all good quality. The LED taillight with integrated indicators is an absolute work of art.

What is the rarest Lambretta?

Among the rarer Lambretta models are the Eibar Winter Models, GP Electronics, TV200’s (especially Spanish ones) which have a justifiable claim to the tag ‘rare’. Of course, it’s not just Lambretta models… the Vespa SS90 springs to mind from the Piaggio stable.

What is the most sought after Lambretta scooter?

Lambretta SX200
The most sought-after available classic is the fully restored Lambretta SX200 from 1966 or 1967 — a pristine machine can go for £8,000. Who has tried it? du Celebrity Lambretta fans include Jonathan Ross, Nicolas Cage, Liam Gallagher and Paul Weller.

What scooters did mods ride?

We are all about the “Modern World” yet this generation of Mods exclusively rides vintage Vespas and Lambrettas. So why all the shinny accessories and chrome? Back in the early sixties, the Mod scooter was a lot less extravagant.

What is the fastest Lambretta?

The bike’s standing ¼-mile terminal speed of 105mph, recorded at East Kirkby, is the highest ever achieved by a Lambretta on British soil, while at Elvington in October 2001 ‘XHU 430H’ completed six consecutive runs with an average of 12.95 seconds at 101.64mph, making it the only Lambretta in the world ever to achieve …

How fast is Lambretta 200?

Lambretta V-Special

Manufacturer Lambretta (Innocenti SA)
Class Scooter
Engine V50 – 49.5cc V125 – 124.7cc V200 – 168.9cc
Compression ratio V50 – 12.6:1 V125 – 10.7:1 V200 – 10.2:1
Top speed V50 – 27.9 mph (45 km/h) V125 – 59 mph (95 km/h) V200 – 62.1 mph (100 km/h)

Which is best Vespa or Lambretta?

Although a lot of Vespa guys would say the opposite, as Vespa’s had fewer parts and were generally more reliable. I admire Vespa’s but for me the Lambretta is a superior design, the Vespa’s engine is mounted on the side while the Lambretta in the centre so I find it a better ride as for me, as it feels more balanced.

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