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The Importance of Great Web Design for Your E-Commerce Site

Having stunning website design is imperative for a business because it will surely enhance the image of the business and its online presence. Of course, a website is one of the most significant aspects of a company facets of interaction with customers, so it needs to be designed well. Ask yourself: does it keep your user in mind and give them the digital experience they’re looking for?

First Impression Of Your business

Designing an aesthetically pleasing website with great features creates a good first and lasting impression. Good design can help customers navigate through your website which creates an enjoyable experience while browsing for products and services. That first look at your business website will set the customers’ expectations, so make sure it is a hit.

SEO Strategy To Drive Traffic

Great website design isn’t just nailing the visual parts of the interface, rather it has to simultaneously be optimized for search engine optimization (SEO). Even if a website is designed in an attractive manner, inconvenient coding, broken links, and stale content will surely put potential customers of due to a subpar user experience they may get from other websites. Therefore, it is important that as you continue to grow your site, that the proper internal linking techniques are used and that content is relevant to your user base.

Optimize Your Website Design For Conversion

A good web design always guides the users towards the direction where you want them to look. Make your website turn your user’s attention to any special offers you may be running. Also make sure that it is easy for them to get to different parts of the site in an organic fashion. The ultimate goal here is to help the visitors quickly find the information that they are seeking, and which will lead them to pages where they can make purchases on your site.

An Attractive Website Builds Trust With Your Customer

Good website design makes your business seem more credible, thus increasing trust in your brand. A study by Stanford University showed that 75% of customers actually judge how trustworthy a business is based on the metric of website design. One reason for this is because your site is the face of your brand and business.

Features like typography, layout, images and font all form brand identity, and it creates a perception of your brand within the minds of the users. It’s a no brainer that if the website looks and functions terribly, most people will assume that the service is equally as bad.

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Assure Security of Your Customers’ Data

Security of personal data is a big concern for customers because people want both easy and secure shopping. So, make sure your website has a secure design and is GDPR compliant.

Some customers may be afraid of making any transactions online because they worry about being hacked. So, create a safe website with a clear privacy and security policy which customers can access in order to rest their minds.


It is clear that website design needs the utmost attention in order to form a good impression with new potential customers. Make sure that your website includes all features and characteristics mentioned in this article, such as a pleasing design, SEO optimization, credibility and security.

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