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Is there a field handbook for snow plow operators?

Is there a field handbook for snow plow operators?

This field handbook is dedicated to the plow operators who keep our roads safe all winter long. It is based on the Manual of Practice for an Effective Anti-icing Program,produced by the Utah LTAP Center. Thanks to the following sponsors and participants for their valuable input in the production of this document. Funding Sponsors:

What kind of technology does a snow plow use?

Modern plows may include technology to make it easier to perform the work and stay on the road. These include Global Positioning System receivers, head-up displays and infrared cameras. Large custom snowplows are commonly used at major airports in North America.

How big of a blade do you need for a snow plow?

All necessary mounting hardware usually comes in set with a plow. Snow plow blades are available in various sizes depending on a vehicle type. Service trucks usually use a blade sized 96 in (2.4 m) and more. Common blade size for pickup trucks and full size SUVs is 78–96 in (2.0–2.4 m).

Where is Good Roads Godwin snow plow located?

Unlike most early snow plow manufacturers, Good Roads continues to manufacture snow removal equipment today under the name Good Roads Godwin, now located in Dunn, North Carolina.

What to do at the end of a snow plow job?

At the end of the job, adjust the blade to the Straight-position and push snow directly ahead–cleaning up any spill off left from previous plowing. In deep snow, raise the plow several inches off the ground to shear off the top layer.

What are the dangers of driving a snow plow?

Equipment Hazards – Plowing Safety Equipment Hazards – Plowing Safety Equipment Hazards – Plowing Safety (Photo courtesy RTV6) A snow plow driver was airlifted to a local Hospital after driving his truck into the path of an oncoming train.

What kind of engine do you need to plow snow?

Power: Having a torquey engine on a UTV is especially important if you are going to be plowing significant amounts of snow.

Can a side by Side UTV be used to plow snow?

Plow: This has nothing to do with the UTV itself, but I think Its something to be mentioned.

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