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What does Gmmtv stand for?

What does Gmmtv stand for?

Grammy Television
GMMTV (Thai: จีเอ็มเอ็มทีวี RTGS: Chi Em Em Thiwi), acronym for Grammy Television (which was it’s former name), is a television production and talent agent subsidiary to the Thai entertainment conglomerate GMM Grammy, under The One Enterprise, which produces television shows, songs, and music videos. It was founded on …

What is Gmmtv first bl?

‘A Tale of Thousand Stars’ is GMMTV’s First BL Series in a Non-Campus Setting | Starmometer.

How big is Gmmtv?

Just how big is GMMTV? Comparing it with ABS-CBN, here’s what I found: Total Revenues (2018) ABS-CBN- US$ 797 Million GMM – US$ 220 Million In terms of total Sales, GMM earns 27% only of ABS total. Channel 7 & Channel 3 are the biggest TV networks in Thailand.

How long is 2gether the series?

30 minutes
2gether: The Series (American TV series)

2gether: The Series
No. of episodes 19 (1 unaired)
Running time 30 minutes
Production companies Gunn & Gunn Productions Alliance Atlantis

Who is the CEO of Gmmtv?

Sataporn Panichraksapong

Sataporn Panichraksapong
Born 27 December 1967
Alma mater Thammasat University
Occupation Managing Director of GMMTV
Years active 2007–present

Who left Gmmtv?

Singto and Newwie left GMMTV 😆😍😍😍 – Thailand BL Central | Facebook.

Who is the highest paid Gmmtv artist?

actor Gun Atthaphan Phunsawat
-According to the various online resources, Thai television actor Gun Atthaphan Phunsawat has an estimated net worth of around $2.5 Million to $6 Million ( 291,240,000.00 Php) as of 2020 and also his current estimated net worth is increasing significantly in 2020-2021 making him the most paid GMMTv actor.

Did Sarawat and Tine kiss?

Despite all the mishaps, Sarawat was still able to pull off his surprise for Tine. The fans were also exhilarated after they finally kissed in the last sequence of the series.

Will there be a 2gether Season 2?

Season 2 is coming out REAL SOON! If you’re an OG BrightWin fan or new into your Boys’ Love (BL) drama obsession, one thing’s for sure: 2gether: The Series really is one of the most kilig and heartwarming series to come out this year.

How do I contact Gmmtv?

You can check order status & send your feedback @ Customer Service or Call +662 669 8999 Monday – Friday 9.00 am. – 6 pm.

Did Krist and Singto dating?

Yes, He did. They already broke up for a while now due mostly to his busy schedule. He confirmed it twice on his interviews at GMMTV Series X and Line TV Awards. P’Singto confirmed it too at GMMTV Series X. I think they broke up in good terms since he still follows her on IG.

Is Singto still in Gmmtv?

177 CM. Prachaya Ruangroj (Thai: ปราชญา เรืองโรจน์, born July 28, 1994), known professionally as Singto (Thai: สิงโต), is a Thai actor. He is well known in Thailand for his role as Kongpob in SOTUS: The Series released in 2016….Television.

Year 2019
Title He’s Coming to Me
Role Mes
Network LINE TV
Notes 8 episodes

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