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How to Grow your Business through Sign and Banner Printing

In an increasingly digital age, conventional marketing mediums often get overlooked. After all, most people pay more attention to ads they see on their devices while using the internet.

My neighbor is debating downloading an ad blocker to make it safer for her spendthrift husband to use Spectrum internet plans. We are bombarded by increasingly smarter and more targeted advertising than ever before. But if you think print advertising for businesses, especially banners and signs, are a thing of the past, you are at a disadvantage. Read on to find out more.

Using Vinyl Signs and Banners to Grow Your Business

There are several characteristics that still make vinyl banners and signs relevant to modern businesses and their advertising efforts. Vinyl banners and signs are durable, cost-effective, and lightweight, which make them a great advertising investment to explore. However, many modern businesses, especially startups, find it difficult to understand the importance and uses of vinyl banners. If you are running such a business, explore these 9 facts about vinyl printing that can help you grow your business:

  1. Cost-Effectiveness
  2. A Lasting Statement
  3. Quick Turnaround
  4. Aesthetic Value
  5. Versatility
  6. Visuals over Words
  7. Brand Image 
  8. Placement
  9. Tracking

Let’s take a closer, more detailed look at these points below.


Most businesses look for ways to cut costs to make their bottom line better. Vinyl banners offer businesses ways to reduce their advertising costs. Ordering banners and signs in bulk usually come with significant discounts. Even if you order individually, they are cheaper than many other types of signage.

A Lasting Statement

These days, you can get vinyl banners and signs printed in any type of color, size, or design. This allows you to use colors and visual elements to create a more impactful statement. A vibrant and colorful banner can help grab attention and convey your brand message in a more lasting manner.

Quick Turnaround

One of the biggest advantages of modern printing techniques is the quicker turnaround time that banner and sign printers offer. You can place an urgent order for a banner and have it arrive at your doorstep or business premises in next to no time. Professional signage experts pride themselves on giving you what you need as quickly as possible. That means you can even get a “last-moment” banner made without too much difficulty.

Aesthetic Value

Well-placed visuals and design elements add aesthetic value to your banner. That means if you regularly participate in events, conventions, and expos, a good banner can help attract more people to your stall or kiosk. Aesthetically pleasing banners also add value to your brand image, especially if they have visual cohesion with the rest of your brand message.


One of the biggest advantages printed banners offer is versatility. Since they are lightweight and portable, you can move them, rearrange them, store them, and use them in a variety of places. Vinyl banners are very durable, which means they can also double as outdoor signage.

Visuals over Words

A printed banner gets only a few seconds of attention from people passing by. That means you need to use compelling and eye-catching visuals instead of wordy statements. Printed banners and signs should both attract attention as well as convey the brand’s message at the same time. The better your visuals, the better your message goes across.

Brand Image

Printed signs and banners can be part of your branding collateral. You can leverage them to present a more coherent and cohesive image of your brand. Ideally, your printed banners and signs should follow the same visual parameters as the digital aspect of your brand. That way, your brand can transition from digital to physical customers without losing coherence along the way. Well-made banners can help consolidate your brand image.


Banners are a great way to make your brand visible, especially if you pay attention to where you place them. Banners attract attention, and you should always strategically place them where they will get the most visibility. You need to pay attention to things like the places you want to target, especially where you see a lot of customer footfall. Placing banners where they compete with other businesses like yours is also a good idea to get more customers.


Of course, it can be difficult to track the impact of a commercial ad on a cable service like Spectrum TV Choice. You can’t tell for sure who saw your ad and how they interacted with it. This is one of the reasons so many businesses prefer going digital. The ability to track your advertising success is very important. One simple way to do this with banner and sign advertising is to offer a unique phone number or email address on each banner. That way, when a customer reaches out to you, you can determine what banners they saw.

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