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Why does my Chevy Impala engine slow down when I accelerate?

Why does my Chevy Impala engine slow down when I accelerate?

If I accelerate slowly the car will rev up fine. It started almost a week ago. Now I notice that the car will occasionally have a miss when idling. Check your spark plug wires for melted or ruined ones or ones touching headers. Sounds like it’s missing.

What to do if your Chevy Impala engine bogs down?

Make sure before you do anything to check that the CAI is clamped good, and make sure there is no air leaks between the MAF and the TB. If you don’t know how old the fuel filter is, replace it. A restricted fuel filter will starve the engine of fuel under load.

When to throw an opti code on Chevy Impala?

The 02’s can get slow to respond, and the car will miss until the slow 02 catches up to the real conditions. The opti will not throw an opti code (36 or 16) until it gets so bad that the car sporadicaly cuts out, and won’t restart.

Are there any Denso sensors on Chevy Impala?

I picked up a couple of the Denso 234-4012 02 sensors on the first, and so far they run identical to the AC Delco 02’s that had in it that I now have put up as spares (good, quick response time, no hanging throttle effect like you get with bosch 02’s).

Why does my Chevy Impala have poor acceleration?

Reasons for Poor Acceleration in an Impala. If your Chevrolet Impala is not accelerating properly, it could be due to any number of problems. The newer your vehicle is, the more components it contains that have to work together to provide ideal performance levels.

When does my Chevy Impala jolt while driving?

Doesn’t do it all the time. When i accelerate from idle it jerks or jolts and also does that when I’m driving faster than 20mph. Jerk after sitting at caution light or several stop and goes. Car jolts in drive while drivingand when you try to excellerate.

Why does my Impala not go when I press the pedal?

If your Impala seems sluggish or does not want to go when you press the pedal, your best bet for diagnosing the precise problem is to take it to a mechanic. If the oxygen sensor or mass airflow sensor on your vehicle goes out or malfunctions, it will affect the fuel-to-air mixture in your engine.

What happens if you run low on oil in an Impala?

This will make your vehicle overheat and not drive well. You will lose power in your engine and your Impala will not have its usual responsiveness when you press the accelerator. If your engine runs low on oil, it will not be lubricated properly and can permanently damage a number of important engine components.

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