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What tier of English football is the Southern League?

What tier of English football is the Southern League?

The Southern League is a men’s football competition featuring semi-professional clubs from the South and Midlands of England. Together with the Isthmian League and the Northern Premier League it forms levels seven and eight of the English football league system.

What is the order of the English football leagues?

Below the Premier League is the English Football League (EFL) (formerly ‘the Football League’), which is divided into three divisions of 24 clubs each: The Championship (level 2), League One (level 3), and League Two (level 4).

What tier is North West Counties League?

North West Counties Football League

Founded 1982
Level on pyramid 9–10 (Steps 5 & 6 in the National League System)
Feeder to Northern Premier League Division One West
Domestic cup(s) League Challenge Cup First Division Challenge Cup First Division Champions Cup FA Cup FA Vase

What tier is North West Counties league?

What’s below National League North?

At the bottom of National League North and National League South, three clubs from each division are relegated and these six clubs are divided among the Step 3 leagues of the NLS, the Northern Premier League, the Southern League, and the Isthmian League.

Which league is Macclesfield?

North West Counties Football League
Macclesfield F.C./Leagues

How many tiers are there in the English Football League?

As there are no official definitions of any level below 11, any references to the structure at level 12 and below should not be regarded as definitive. The pyramid for women’s football in England runs separately to nine tiers and some England-based men’s clubs play outside the English football league system.

What are the leagues in the seventh tier of soccer?

The seventh tier is made up of – brace yourselves – the Northern Premier League Premier Division, the Southern Football League Premier Division, and the Isthmian League Premier Division. The eighth tier has six leagues – three sets of pairs that feed, through promotion and relegation, to the three leagues in the seventh tier.

What are the names of the English football teams?

This is a list of English football (soccer) teams and the leagues they play in. A-Z order Team League Nickname Stadium Accrington Stanley A.F.C. Bournemouth Premier League (1) Cherries Vitality Stadium A.F.C. Wimbledon Arsenal Premier League (1)

Are there many English teams in the Premier League?

The answer is likely no, so it occurred to us that we should write a guide to the various leagues and “cups” in English football. The Premier League trophy, here at Manchester City, hasn’t traveled to many clubs. When Americans think of English soccer, they usually think of teams like Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Manchester United.

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