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Where is the transfer case shift control switch?

Where is the transfer case shift control switch?

The NVG 226 transfer case features a rotary 4 mode shift control switch located on the instrument panel.   When the ignition key is in the RUN position, the transfer case shift control module monitors the transfer case shift control switch to determine if the driver desires a new mode/range position.

What kind of transfer case does Chevy Trailblazer use?

The New Venture Gear model NVG 226 transfer case is the dual speed, automatic, active transfer case in the Chevrolet TrailBlazer and GMC Envoy. It provides five modes of operation: Neutral.

How is a clutch pack applied in a transfer case?

When wheel slippage is detected, the module applies a clutch pack contained in side the transfer case. This clutch pack is used to lock-in and apply the front propshaft, transferring torque to the front wheels. The clutch pack is applied by a motor/encoder assembly.

What should I do if my transfer case won’t move?

You could try a relearn. If I remember the dial will rotate to the right past 4lo. hold it there for 30 seconds or so and you will hear the transfer case cycle through all positions. It’s a long shot, but worth a try. The motor is usually the problem. If you could get the code the case is setting it would help.

What causes a transfer case to go bad?

Although the issue can be caused by something simple, such as a low fluid level or damaged linkage, it typically indicates an internal transfer case failure. Before assuming something is wrong, however, make sure that you’re following the directions (in your owner’s manual) for operating the transfer case.

What to do if your transfer case is leaking?

It’s important to address fluid leaks right away (as soon as you discover one) to prevent internal transfer case damage. Changing the transfer case fluid on a regular basis is also important. You can find the service interval for your vehicle’s transfer case in the owner’s manual.

How does a 4 wheel drive transfer case work?

It is powered by the transmission output shaft and operates much like a secondary transmission. Most 4WD transfer cases have four modes of operation: two-high, neutral, four-low, and four-high. Because the driver only engages the 4WD when needed, this type of system is called “part-time” four-wheel drive.

Can a loose chain cause a transfer case to leak?

On many transfer cases, a loose chain will rub a hole in the top of the transfer case housing, thus there are rebuild kits that include a new chain and the front half of the case. Replacing the chain and the front case half should, however, be done by a professional rather than a DIY person.

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