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Where does the water come from on the driver side?

Where does the water come from on the driver side?

I discovered lately that water drips continuously into the driver side floor from the cable hanger clip hole just below the fuse box. I check the drains, it was unclogged. The A/C drain hose is working pretty fine because the problem started when it rained lately.

What to do if you have water leaking into your car?

If you open it all the way, you should be able to see them. Exit portals might be in the driver’s side door jamb or somewhere underneath your vehicle. This information can be found in your car’s owner manual. Slowly pour a small quantity of water into each drain hole. Monitor the exit holes to see how quickly the liquid flows out.

Why do I have water in my driver side foot well?

We have experienced some fairly extreme weather recently so driving rain or surface water penetrating a door seal is possible. The best place to start is by drying out the affected area thoroughly first and then seeing if you can determine where/how the water is entering.

What kind of car has water leaking into the floor?

My car is a 2008 HL sport with 60k mileage. That’s in the body of the car, that’s not going to be caused by a AC drain or sunroof drain. There is a seal or seam leaking on the body somewhere. Which one, I have no idea.

Is there a water leak on the driver side of my van?

Diagnosing water leak on driver/passenger side – advice appreciated! I would so appreciate some input and advice on a dastardly leak situation on my poor van, a 2000 Chrysler Town and Country LXi. About two months ago I started getting water on the carpet floor under the dashboard on driver and passenger side.

Is there water on the driver side of the carpet?

Strangely, the driver side carpet was more wet, and no water had accumulated in the drainage line on that side. Now, with drain lines clean, when it rains, water still seems to replenish on the carpet along the plastic trim where the door closes. Especially drivers side.

Where is the power steering fluid leak located?

The leak is on the driver I have a power steering fluid leak. The leak is on the driver side , near the driver front tire. The leak is near the bottom of the engine , the top of the … read more Vocational, Technical or Tra…

Where is the leaking fluid coming from in my car?

Leaks water fome front of moter. Font of moter. 2005 susuki leaks water fome front of moter JA: What part of the car is the leak coming from? And are you sure it’s water?

Why does my Toyota Highlander have wet carpet?

Blew air through top front sunroof drains and up the tubes behind the rear wheels for the rear sunroof drains. Pulled rubber hole plugs from rocker panels behind front tires and blew air and verified that the seam weep… My wife’s 2008 Highlander Hybrid has had wet carpet on the driver’s side.

Why does my car leak water when it rains?

The A/C drain hose is working pretty fine because the problem started when it rained lately. I have checked all the solutions to similar problem but none address this type of issue specifically. Any ideas what can be done to resolve this please? My car is a 2008 HL sport with 60k mileage.

Can a driver’s side floor board leak after a rain?

Water on drivers side floor board after a rain.. driver’s side floor board. While I am in the car anywhere. I do have a sunroof and read sunroof can leak onto the floor board. Do u think this is the problem? How do I fix it? The driver side drain tube runs down the inside of the left pillar.

Why is there water on my drivers side floor?

We had this problem before and blew out the leaves and debris underneath the screen type cover that runs the width of the front window along the bottom of the window. It is likely it is clogged again. If you did not do it the first time, you may need to clean the drain from that area.

Why do I get water on my floor board when it rains?

It’s weird because it doesn’t get wet every time it rains, but then sometimes when it rains I have sucked out gallons of water with my carpet cleaner. I thought the rain was getting in from the windshield so I sealed up it up with new weather stripping and water still found its way inside.

What to do if you have water on the passenger side of your car?

If you notice water on floor passenger side or driver side AFTER washing your vehicle or after a rainstorm, and your roof drains are clean and draining properly, suspect a damaged windshield seal. Take the vehicle to an auto glass repair company to fix the leaking seal.

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