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What do I do if I lost my lock box key?

What do I do if I lost my lock box key?

Contact the manufacturer of the safe. The manufacturer will mail you a duplicate key by mail to replace the lost key. You will need to give the model and serial number of the safe when you contact the manufacturer. Manufacturers usually print the model and serial number of the safe near its door hinge.

How do you unlock a small safe without a key?

Rotate the screwdriver in a counter-clockwise movement until the lock of the safe opens….How to Unlock A Safe Without A Key

  1. Drilling your way in to open the safe,
  2. Open the safe with the aid of a knife,
  3. Make use of a tool like a hammer,
  4. Make use of a screwdriver,
  5. Make use of a paper clip,
  6. Make use of a magnet.

What can a locksmith do for a lost key?

By using a blank and a file and the skills, they’ve developed over the years a locksmith can create a key from scratch without the need for an original key. Many locksmiths can cut keys to number for locks on office furniture and cabinets

What kind of car keys have you lost?

What type of Car Keys have you lost? 1 Transponder Chip Keys. Most cars after newer vehicles have transponder chips are programmed to a specific car. 2 Remote Key Fob. These are generally a keyless entry push button key that controls the locking to doors of the car and turns off any alarm system. 3 Non-Remote Car Keys. …

Can a locksmith make a new car key?

In short, yes. Many of today’s best locksmiths have the tools and technology to cut and program an identical car key to the one you have lost. Contrary to popular opinion, it is not mandatory to have the key code on hand when you call the locksmith – all you need is the above information to have a new key created.

Where was the first lock and key discovered?

Ancient Lock from Kerala. The earliest known lock and key device was discovered in the ruins of Nineveh, the capital of ancient Assyria. Locks such as this were later developed into the Egyptian wooden pin lock, which consisted of a bolt, door fixture, and key.

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