Why was my car impounded for not having insurance?

Why was my car impounded for not having insurance?

The police were adamant we did not have insurance, the car was impounded. It turns out that esure, who we took the insurance out with two months ago had cancelled the policy, we did not know this. We have the confirmation email from them stating the start date, along with monthly payments.

What to do if you get stopped for not having car insurance?

If any refund is due this should be credited to your account ‘in good time’ according to the Financial Services Authority. You could try making a complaint with the insurer directly and if you remain dissatisfied you can request that it is looked at by the FOS or Lloyds. Details of how to make a complaint will be in your insurance documents.

How to prove you dont have car insurance?

We have the credit card receipt which shows the initial two month payment, and we have the certificate of insurance. The insurance company asked DH for proof on no claims, he sent the insurance certificate from the company we were changing over from, it turns out this wasnt enough evidence of no claims.

What to do if a car is unsafe to drive?

“This car is unsafe to drive because [whatever] and by taking the car from our facility without having it repaired, you acknowledge this and agree to hold us harmless…” The customer would have to sign this before I’d release the car to him. And what if the person pay for whatever work you did but refuses to sign the waiver?

What happens when you let someone use your car?

I tried to report it stolen, but the police very rudely told me that it was my problem, and not theirs since this guy had permission to use the car. They treated me as though I were the drug dealer, and wouldn’t even take down my information. They simply hung up on me.

Can a repair shop keep an unsafe car?

However, the customer the one that makes the choice to repair or not to repair. In a perfect world, no cars would ever break. If they did break, everyone would have the time and money to fix them. So how does a shop handle a situation like this?

Is it a civil matter to report a stolen car?

Personally, IMHO it should all be a civil matter if you are dumb enough to let a crack head use your car or if you are a crack head and voluntarily give your car to a drug dealer (which is the norm in these cases) you deserve what you get. But I don’t write the laws, I just enforce them.

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