Why is the horn on my clock not working?

Why is the horn on my clock not working?

I told them that the clock spring was the first thing that was replaced. They said they were going to replace it anyways… When they started to tear into it they discovered the issue was with some wiring that went to the clock-spring but not the clock-spring it’s self, nor the wiring harness that they previously replaced.

What to do if your car horn is not working?

I noticed that the Horn would not function, then I noticed that the steering wheel radio buttons would not function (volume, station channel) also the Uconnect buttons would not work, dash menu buttons (speedometer, tire pressure etc switch). The cruise control buttons still work.

When did stillmacrae make the horn not working?

Discussion in ‘ Electrical ‘ started by Stillmacrae, Sep 1, 2018 . So I’ve seen a lot of these post up and about on different forums but I’m looking for advice.

Why is the horn not working on my Jeep?

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Oh also the horn DOES still function… meaning if you hit the panic button the horn goes off. If you lock the jeep with the key fob the horn will go off, but it doesn’t work when pressing the horn.

How much does it cost to replace a clock horn?

A replacement horn is cheap (around $17.00), but I was hoping there was a way troubleshoot the process before I start replacing parts. have the same problem? Do you have a multi meter to do some testing? That way we can see if there is power and ground to the horn. helpful? I do not currently have a multimeter, but I can get one.

How do I know if I have a bad clock spring?

Listen if the horn relay clicks when you press the horn switch. If it does, the clock spring is okay. Use a jumper wire to bypass the relay, or pop the cover off, reinstall the relay that way, then push the movable contact. If the horn sounds, they are okay.

Why does my clock click when I press the Horn?

The clicking proves the clock spring is okay because it is reacting to pressing the horn button. The relay is an electrically-operated mechanical switch. The circuit is broken into two parts. The low-current circuit includes the electromagnetic coil that is operated by the switch.

Can a clock spring be re-used in a car?

Clock springs are cheap, and it’s important to have a reliable unit since they may be involved with the correct function of the driver’s airbag, the horn, cruise control, and traction and stability control systems. Can You Re-use a Clock Spring?

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