Why is my car blinking red after locking?

Why is my car blinking red after locking?

The red light blinking in car is of the anti-theft system. Most of the manufacturers install this system in the vehicles these days. The system comes active once you lock the vehicle. It is an ideal safety feature in the automobiles.

What to do if your anti theft light won’t turn on?

If this is some other type of light then disconnect your battery (negative first then positive) for 30 minutes and reconnect in reverse order (positive then negative). This should reset the computer. You will loose presets in your radio.

Where is the anti theft light on my 2010 Ford egde?

2010 ford egde “anti theft falshing fast” door ajar light stays on. Check wires under e brake pedal. Left foot wore threw 7 wires cut em clean. Reconnected wires protected with a pc of carpet rolled around the bundle of wires after. Fixed my problems Was this answer helpful? I have a mercury mountaineer 99.

Is there an anti theft light in the trunk?

Use the trunk to first lock the driver door then unlock it. Was this answer helpful? Some anti-theft lights blink by default ( a small red light near the dash, for example is there to warn off thieves ).

Is the Check Engine light blinking when turning on?

Light blinks like crazy will turn over no start . also code 11 blinks once and then a again a sec later . ive tryed everything read the codes no codes but the check engine light is on? It doesnt stay on for 1 sec let alone 3 when turning on?

Is the anti theft system on a 2002 Cavalier?

2002 Cavalier – anti theft system – never know if my car will start – bought car used. 2002 Cavalier – anti theft system – never know if my car will… Vocational, Technical or Tra… I have a 99 cavalier that the theft light is on and won’t go out even after waiting 20 + minutes. Is that something wrong with the ECM. I bought it this … read more

When does the security light come on on a Chevy Cavalier?

The security light usually comes on with all the the lights and just like all the lights it will go off within 10 seconds as long as no error is seen.

How do you reset check engine light on Chevy Cavalier?

This is also similiar to how you reset check engine light on gm’s newer cars, except you have to hold the radio button while depressing the pedal and IGN on 64 people found this helpful.

Is there a recall on the Chevy Cavalier?

Thinking they should recall something that starts to fail when it gets old is just stupid. that’s like saying they should recall every vehicle for old ball joints going bad, it’s not a defect it’s called old and worn.

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