Which sister does Keita end up with?

Which sister does Keita end up with?

After chapter 18 of the manga, he makes it into his sisters’ school, Gakushū Senior High. In chapter 54 it was his 16th birthday but it wasn’t acknowledged by his parents until chapter 75. On chapter 67 Keita and Yūzuki have officially become a couple after their first date.

What is Kiss X Sis Japanese name?

Kiss×sis (キス×シス) is a Japanese seinen manga written and illustrated by Bow Ditama. It began serialization in Bessatsu Young Magazine (now Young Magazine) on December 11, 2005 and has since been published into fifteen volumes by Kodansha.

Does Kiss X Sis have OVA?

Kissxsis is an anime adaptation of the manga series created by Bow Ditama and animated by Feel. The anime adaptation consists of two series: a twelve-episode anime television series and a twelve-part original video animation (OVA) series.

How many episodes of gamers are there?


ゲーマーズ! (Gēmāzu!)
Licensed by Funimation
Original network AT-X, Tokyo MX, Sun TV, BS11
Original run July 13, 2017 – September 28, 2017
Episodes 12

Is there season 2 of gamers?

Season 2 is supposed to be on-air, at the end of this year or in 2022, but the wait of fans is not over yet. Certainly, it is affected by Covid and it is one of the reasons for setbacks. This series is adapted from Manga Series- light novels, written by Sekina Aoi and embellished by Saboten.

Who does Tendou end up with in gamers?

In Volume 11 of the light novel, Keita asked Karen out (without any misunderstandings), and she accepted, making them officially a couple again.

Did Tendou and Amano split?

Tendou realizes that their dating had a rocky start since the root of their relationship was a misunderstanding, so she decides to start again from the beginning. She decided to break up with Amano because she wants to start fresh and win his heart fairly, but Chiaki and Uehara will continue to confuse everything.

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