Which is the only Corvette with a double overhead cam?

Which is the only Corvette with a double overhead cam?

And it’s a good list, aside from the outright omission of the 1990-1995 Corvette ZR-1. That’s right, the Corvette dubbed “The King of the Hill” by Car and Driver, and the only Corvette to ever be powered by a double overhead cam V8, is not on Dan’s list.

What was the only official Corvette engine not made by Chevrolet?

Not only was it a nearly completely hand-made engine, the LT5 was the only official Corvette engine that was not built by Chevrolet. Chevrolet used the Morrison Speed Record ZR1 in their print ads. Image Credit: GM Archives

What was the first Corvette with four headlights?

This was the first Corvette with four headlights — and those were set in chrome frames. Then there were chrome strips that ran from those headlights across the top of the front fenders. And more chrome strips running down the trunk lid. And there was a big chrome toothy grille with smaller chrome openings on either side of it.

Is there a problem with my 1985 C4 Corvette?

No dash lights, no radio, nothing. It was running fine, no issues at all when it was parked in garage. The battery … I replaced all the rubbers on my 1985 c4 and now when it rains heavy I get water dripping from both sides of the edge of the dashboard padthe water hits …

What kind of head did a 1992 Corvette have?

1992-’95 350 WITH ALUMINUM HEADS – The 1992 Corvette had a steel roller cam with a shallow hole in the snout that measured .450″ in the front and tapered down to .240″ at the bottom.

What kind of rods did the Corvette LT1 use?

350 – The original LT1 came with regular forged 350 rods, that were shot peened for localized hardness under the head of the bolt and nut. Powdered metal rods were phased in for the Corvette around 1994 and used in all of the LT1 engines by 1995.

What kind of Cam does a 1994 Corvette have?

Look for a cam with the long pin and either “242” or “705” stamped on the barrel in front of the first lobe. 1994-’96 265-INCH MOTORS – All of the 265 engines came with the later, pin-drive distributor, so they all had the later style cam with the big pilot hole and the long dowel pin.

What was the base engine for the 1995 corvette?

The base engine for the 1995 Corvette was the LT1 small block. In 1995 Corvettes, the engine developed 300 horsepower (net) at 5,000 rpms. The engine torque was rated at 340 lbs. -ft at 3,600 rpm. Late in 1994 production, connecting rods were changed to a powdered-metal design to improve both strength and weight uniformity.

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