Where can I buy a Delphi oxygen sensor?

Where can I buy a Delphi oxygen sensor?

New Delphi Oxygen sensors can be purchased from PSI, or Table 2 of your harness instructions will provide GM part numbers for the correct sensor. WHERE SHOULD I INSTALL MY OXYGEN SENSORS IF I HAVE LONG TUBE HEADERS?

How can you tell the orientation of an external fuel pump?

An easy way to check orientation is to confirm the wire color in position ‘C’ of each coil connector. The colors and corresponding cylinders are as follows: HOW DO I MOUNT MY EXTERNAL FUEL PUMP TO MY VEHICLE?

What kind of sensor does oil and gas metering use?

While Micro Motion offers an array of sensors and transmitters to meet various application requirements, this document considers only those that are typically used for Oil & Gas metering: ELITE®, F-Series, and R-Series sensors, and Series 1000, 2000, and 3000 transmitters.

How to request data from a sensor using Arduino?

First, you include the libraries needed for this project: the DHT libary to read from the DHT sensor and the SoftwareSerial library to communicate with the SIM900 GSM module. Then, you tell the Arduino that the DHT data pin is connected to pin 2, select the DHT sensor type and create a dht instance.

Where can a wireless fuel level sensor be installed?

A classic application of a wireless fuel level sensor is the control of fuel on commercial vehicles. The sensor itself is traditionally installed in the tank of a vehicle in accordance with the recommendations for installing all other fuel sensors.

Where is the sensor on the fuel tank?

The fuel gauge sensor is a sensor that is not seen very often. This is mainly due to the fact that it is not located near the engine under the hood, which is the area you inspect most often. This sensor is located inside the fuel tank near the fuel pump. The sensor has a floating arm that senses the level of fuel in the tank.

How do you install a fuel rail sensor?

Tighten up the mounting hardware to 12 inch pounds then a 1/8 turn. This will secure the fuel rail sensor to the fuel rail. Step 9: Plug in the fuel rail sensor harness to the sensor. Install any brackets that you had to remove to get the old sensor off.

How do you install a capacitive fuel sensor?

Installation of a capacitive fuel sensor begins with removing the tank and residual fuel in it. For the next step cut a hole to fit the sensor and screw it to the tank. Connect the sensor to the power supply, calibrate the sensor and the tank. Now let’s put each step under a microscope.

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