What years did Chevy make the Chevelle?

What years did Chevy make the Chevelle?

Chevrolet Chevelle
Production 1963–1977
Model years 1964–1977
Body and chassis
Class Mid-size

What engine came in a 72 Chevelle?

Under the hood, several drivetrain combinations were available in 1972. The base engine power could be delivered by either the one available 250ci six cylinder engine with a tire smoldering 145 horsepower, or the even more anemic 307ci V8 engine with a measly 130 horsepower.

What did the Chevelle SS 454 do in 1971?

A number of detail changes helped usher the Chevelle SS 454 into the 1971 model year. Last year’s optional hood pins were standardized, the grille was modified to lose its painted center stripe, and new front fender-mounted wraparound turn signals replaced those in the bumper.

When did the Chevy 454 big block come out?

History To some, the Chevrolet 454 big block was the right engine at the wrong time. Building on the popularity of its 427-cubic-inch engine, General Motors introduced the 454 in 1970—one year before emissions standards were tightened and just three years before the gas crisis hit with full force.

What kind of transmission did a 1970 Chevelle 454 have?

Transmissions: The standard transmission on the 1970 SS 454 was the Muncie M21 close-ratio 4-speed manual with an 11-inch clutch. For 1971 and 1972, the stock 4-speed was replaced with the heavy-duty M22 unit. The M40 three-speed Turbo Hydra-Matic was optional with both engines in 1970 and ’71, and with the sole remaining 454 in 1972.

What’s the displacement of a Chevy 454 engine?

In 1970, GM increased the crankshaft stroke of the 427-cubic inch engine and achieved a displacement of 454 cubic inches. With aftermarket components, it is possible to build engines designed on the 454 platform that are well in excess of 500 cubic inches.

Is the 454 Ho a big block engine?

Chevrolet Performance’s 454 HO crate engine is a Big-Block bargain – an affordable engine with performance specs that will make you think it’s 1970 all over again.

How can I improve the performance of my Chevelle?

In addition to taking steps to make sure your Chevelle keeps its cool, there are also opportunities to improve the performance of your car by switching from a belt-driven fan to an electric fan. This Tech Tip is From the Full Book “ CHEVELLE PERFORMANCE PROJECTS: 1964-1972 “. For a comprehensive guide on this entire subject you can visit this link:

How big of a fan do I need for a 500 hp Chevelle?

If you’re producing up to 500 hp, an electric fan rated at 2,500 cubic feet per min­ute (cfm) of airflow with a full shroud is generally sufficient to keep it cool. Above 500, you want a fan that can pull at least 3,000 cfm.

Where does the air go in a Chevelle cooling system?

Air always takes the path of least resistance, and, without a fan shroud to force the air to be drawn through the radiator, it goes above and below the radia­tor instead. If you have most of the fan shroud in place, but are missing a section or have a broken shroud, most of the air is pulled in through this section.

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