What was the horsepower of a 1976 Corvette?

What was the horsepower of a 1976 Corvette?

As a result of the catalytic converter being installed, the horsepower rating of the 1976 Corvette actually increased slightly. The L48 engine saw an increase of 15 horses, pushing its total horsepower to 180bhp. The L82 increased up to 210bhp.

How many corvettes were sold in the year 1976?

Still, although the price of the Corvette was at an all-time high, the new Corvette was still in high demand, as reflected in the fact that Chevrolet sold 46,558 units that year, breaking the previous sales record set in 1969.

What was the exhaust system on a 1976 Corvette?

To start, the air-extractor vents were removed from the rear deck. These vents, which had been part of the C3 Corvette since 1968 (they served as the exhaust mechanism for Corvette’s Astro-Ventilation system ,) were eliminated along with the ventilation system itself. Similarly, the 1976 Corvette’s hood no longer featured a cowl flap.

What kind of emblems are on a 1976 Corvette?

The 1976 Corvette featured two different rear “Corvette” emblems. Moving to the rear of the Corvette, Chevrolet introduced two different styles of rear bumper/fascia assemblies.

What is the value of a 1976 Corvette?

Since there are no rare 1976 Corvettes that I am aware of it all falls back to what you are willing to take as an acceptable value for your car. I have seen them go from between $3,000 in poor condition to $14,000 in restored condition.

What is the length of a 1976 Corvette?

The 1976 Corvette is 185.2 inches long, 69 inches in width, and 48.1 inches in height. 1 people found this helpful.

Where are corvette motors made?

GM The Chevrolet Corvette, whether powered by a “run-of-the-mill” LT1 or a bonkers supercharged LT4, is built in Bowling Green. But many Corvette smallblocks are built in New York, at the Tonawanda Engine Plant just north of Buffalo, while some other LT4s are actually built in Kentucky.

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