What should the pressure be at 40 mph?

What should the pressure be at 40 mph?

While driving at 40 MPH the pressure is 40 pounds is this normal at 65 MPH it is around 44. I run 5-30 oil (Castrol ) Synthetic with a AC oil filter . I feel this is low compared to my last one with the 4.3 motor which ran around 55 PSI at 65 and 40 at Idle .

Why does engine RPM jump up at 40 mph?

RPM jumps up & back down at 40mph. The most likely cause is that your clutch is slipping. Either because the mechanism isn’t working properly (rare but possible) or the clutch is worn (very likely).

What was the top speed of the first car?

Achieving a top speed of 104.65 mph, it became the first car to hold the mantle in the new era – a mantle that has been passed progressively upward since the first production automobile rolled off the line in 1894 with a top speed of just 12 mph (19 km/h).

What was the top speed of a car in 1946?

By 1946, it was claimed to be capable of 106 mph (171 km/h) in non-competition 110 hp guise, but a variety of bodies and styles and weights meant it had a top speed post-war of between 104 mph and 110 mph.

How fast does your 4.3L V6 Push Your Boat?

My 2004 Stingray, weight around 2500, with 1.81 gear ratio and its stock 23 pitch alum prop (and a SE Sport 300 hydrofoil) will just break 55 (speedo) with me in it. I run a 20 pitch 4 blade most of the time, though, and with his I can only hit 48.

What should the engine RPMs be when driving?

It seems to happen primarily when traveling between 45-55mph. When driving, slightly accerating, the truck is doing about 1100 rpm in its 6th gear. The engines RPMs seem to bounce back and forth 50-100 rpm.

What makes an engine Miss between 30 and 50 mph?

An expert that got 10 achievements. An expert that got 5 achievements. An expert whose answer got voted for 500 times. Re: Engine seems to miss / sputter between 30 mph and 50… Hi Nascar2nd. From what you are describing it appears like an engine misfire. These trucks are notorious for bad ignition coils.

What causes vibration at 25 to 30 mph?

Discussion in ‘ 5th Gen 4Runners (2010+) ‘ started by Kennyp, Nov 24, 2018 . Just noticed a vibration at 25 to 30 mph that feels like driving on corrugated road. It only happens between the speeds I mentioned. No new tires, rims or anything added. Nothing stuck to rims.

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