What radio station is Mitch Albom on?

What radio station is Mitch Albom on?

WJR 760 AM
The SAY Detroit Radiothon is broadcast on WJR 760 AM, the home of The Mitch Albom Show.

Who does the voices on The Mitch Albom Show?

Eric Harthen Voiceovers From 1998-2001 I did Bill Clinton & Al Gore for Mitch. Since August of 2015, I’ve been calling into the show live as Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Bernie Sanders, Bill Clinton, and Ben Carson… sometimes all at once!

Does Mitch Albom still have a radio show?

Since 1996, Albom has been a WJR staple, making The Mitch Albom Show the longest-running afternoon radio show. Visit the official Mitch Albom web site at www.MitchAlbom.com.

How rich is Mitch Albom?

Mitch Albom Net Worth

Net Worth: $10 Million
Date of Birth: May 23, 1958 (63 years old)
Gender: Male
Profession: Novelist, Journalist, Musician, Screenwriter, Presenter, Playwright, Writer, Author
Nationality: United States of America

Is Mitch Albom married?

Janine Sabinom. 1995
Mitch Albom/Spouse

What time is Mitch Albom on the radio?

5 TO 7PM

What does the Mitch Albom Show do on WJR?

Combining commentary, comedy, and in-depth interviews with WJR ‘s rich news and information heritage, The Mitch Albom Show offers entertainment plus news, traffic, sports and weather in a fast-paced package. “Isn’t this beautiful?” Grandmother Receives New Home in Detroit’s Eastside

Who is Mitch Albom on the Detroit Free Press?

In addition to his radio show, Albom is an award-winning sports columnist with “ The Detroit Free Press “, an Emmy-award winning television commentator, and a professional musician. Albom is a best-selling author of several books including “ Tuesdays with Morrie ” and “ The Five People You Meet in Heaven “.

What kind of books does Mitch Albom write?

Albom is a best-selling author of several books including “ Tuesdays with Morrie ” and “ The Five People You Meet in Heaven “. Additionally, Albom has founded eight charities, many in the metropolitan Detroit area, such as Detroit Dream Scholars, A Time To Help, and S.A.Y Detroit.

Who is the guy on the radio with Mitch?

After performing nationally at famed comedy stops such as the Comedy Store, the Improv, Zanies, and the Comedy Castle – and doing TV shows like A&E’s “ Comedy on the Road “, “ Star Search “, and BET’s “Comic View” – Ken was hired as the funny man for an up and coming radio show with some guy named Mitch.

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