What is a good BMAT score 2020?

What is a good BMAT score 2020?

6.0 and above
What is a Good BMAT Score? A good BMAT score is usually 6.0 and above – with 7.0 and higher being exceptionally rare.

How do you calculate your BMAT score?

The way the test is scored is that each question answered correctly will add to your total marks. These total marks then correlate to a BMAT score, which is a score ranging from 1.0 to 9.0. Each answer you get right after 3 correct answers will raise your score, which begins at the minimum 1.0, by 0.2-0.4.

Is 4.5 A good BMAT score?

The official BMAT website says that typical candidates will score around 5.0, but the best candidates will score around 6.0 and exceptional candidates will score higher than 7.0.

What is a good BMAT score for Oxford?

around 6.0
Typical BMAT candidates will score around 5.0, roughly half marks. The best candidates will score around 6.0, and a few exceptional candidates will score higher than 7.0. Writing Tasks in Section 3 are marked by two examiners.

What is a good BMAT score for Cambridge?

A ‘typical’ candidate scores 5.0. The ‘best’ candidates score 6.0. Few ‘exceptional’ candidates score above 7.0.

Is BMAT online 2021?

Is the BMAT 2021 online? Due to delays caused by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the September BMAT is cancelled and all candidates will sit the exam in November. You cannot take the exam at home and must take the test at a centre that is authorised.

How long is BMAT valid for?

one year
Like the UCAT, the BMAT exam is valid for one admission cycle only (essentially one year). Therefore, if candidates take a year out (e.g. for a gap year), or wish to reapply the following year, they must retake the exam during the next admission cycle.

Is 6.5 A good BMAT score?

In total, only around 6.5% exceptional candidates got a score of 6.0 and above. Comparatively for the BMAT 2017 results, the mean score was roughly 4.5-4.7. Roughly 15% of candidates scored above 6.0 in the BMAT 2017 paper.

Is 4.0 A good BMAT score?

Candidates receive a score from 1.0 to 5.0, with 3.0 being the average score in the cohort. In general, 4.0 is a strong score and 5.0 is outstanding and rarely seen.

When should I sit the BMAT?

Please note that you must only take BMAT once in an admissions cycle. BMAT – September usually takes place on a Saturday at the beginning of the month. If you’re applying to study in the UK, you will take the test and receive your results before the UCAS deadline.

What BMAT score do I need for Cambridge?

At Cambridge, the average scores for successful applicants were 4.6 for section 1, 5.9 for section 2, and 3.2 for section 3. If you want to know which universities to apply to with your particular BMAT score, check out our handy resource on it.

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