What are the rules for building a soap box derby car?

What are the rules for building a soap box derby car?


  • ❖ All cars must have 4 wheels.
  • ❖ Simple pivot steering is the most basic and common steering system.
  • ❖ Skid pad on the wheels is a very basic, yet very effective braking method.
  • Gotta have Permission!
  • Name of Participant.
  • Please check each box as you have reviewed the information.
  • What are the rules for Red Bull Soapbox Derby?

    Each soapbox must be powered by creativity and imagination, but most of all, gravity. No stored power or external energy sources are allowed to power the box. And yes, size matters. The racing machine must be less than six feet wide by 20 feet in length, no taller than seven feet, and weighing less than 176 pounds.

    Who can enter the Red Bull soapbox race?

    The Event is open to participants who submit a Team application, as set forth below. Each member of the Team must be at least eighteen (18) years old as of August 20, 2017 and be a resident of the US, D.C., or Puerto Rico. To participate, each member of each Team agrees to be bound by these Terms.

    How old do you have to be to race soap box derby?

    Anyone between the ages of 7 and 20 years of age is eligible to compete. The next thing you’ll want to find is the nearest officially sanctioned Soap Box Derby race location.

    What are the rules for soap box racing?

    No more than 2 people can be in the soapbox for the race. Your soapbox must be less than 2m wide, 2.5m tall and 3.5m long. Soapboxes should have at least 10cm clearance from the ground. The maximum weight of your soapbox is 80kg (excluding the driver, of course).

    Where is Red Bull soapbox 2020?

    2020 actually featured just one edition of the race, held in Santiago (the third time overall, as the Chilean capital city had already hosted the event in 2011 and 2016) on March 14.

    Where did the Red Bull Soapbox race originate?

    The first Red Bull Soap Box Race (it was two words back in those crazy days) was held in Belgium in 2000, and since then it spread around the world. 2. It has been held over 100 times worldwide.

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