Is the Chevy Colorado equipped with a block heater?

Is the Chevy Colorado equipped with a block heater?

GM does not ship the engines with a block heater minus the plug. I have checked a non block heater truck. If your Colorado was not ordered with a block heater, the heating element is not installed on the engine block. GM does not ship the engines with a block heater minus the plug.

How do you install an engine block heater?

“Remove the left front wheel, easy install through the wheel housing. You will need 17mm hex bit to remove pipe plug from engine block. Easier install than freeze plug type. Plug is tight in heater and perfect length cord.”

Can you get a GM block heater from GM?

Yes. You can get one from gm. It was a selectable option on these trucks. Re: Block Heater Installation? you can also go aftermarket and get a circulating block heater that goes inline on heater hose. I prefer these as they circulate through the whole system and you can install them in your driveway in about 15 min Re: Block Heater Installation?

Where is the freeze plug on a Chevy Colorado?

My cable goes somewhere in the front drivers side of the engine. We usually drilled a hole in the freeze plug and inserted a large sheet metal screw with a big head. Then pried on the head of the screw and the plug just popped out. If you get discouraged there is always the heater hose or radiator hose type of heater you can install.

How long does it take to install a Chevy Colorado block heater?

Installed the GM block heater today, it is approximately a 3.5 to 4 hour job with all the correct tools. The $75.00 charge for the block heater option is worth every penny!! If I ordered any diesel or gasoline truck, I would be damn sure that the dealer checked off the ” block heater” option !!

Is there an engine block heater for a GMC Canyon?

For: ST1 3.7E (LLR),2.9-9 (LLV),ENG BLK HTR (K05) (2007-2011) (2007 – 2011). Sweet deal thanks guys! Now what’s everyone’s opinion on the engine block heater for the coolant or kat makes a 200 or 300 watt handi heater that magnetically sticks to your oil pan or somewhere else and will keep the engine oil warm.

Why do I need an engine block heater on my truck?

If so, engine block heaters are usually on Diesels because of the cold start issue with Diesel engines. Diesel engines do not like cold, the hotter they are, the better they run. That’s why you rarely ever see truckers shut the engine off.

Where is the block heater on a Colorado diesel?

Just got my new Colorado Diesel and I can’t find the cord for the block heater. According to the window sticker, it has it, but I can’t find it anywhere. It is tied up in a bunch on the left side under the hood near the firewall in the area above the left front fender. Got it, Thanks! It was sort of bunched up just behind the battery.

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