How to replace ball joints on GM car and many trucks?

How to replace ball joints on GM car and many trucks?

This means they are the original ball joints! Basically this job goes quick and easy, just try not to accidentally grind into the control arm with the grinder. The new ball joints just bolt in, so I didn’t show that part. I would suggest painting your control arm before installing the new parts, unlike I did. Loading…

How do you know if ball joints need to be replaced?

Inspect the ball joints to make sure they need to be replaced. Figure out if your vehicle’s got a strut-style suspension or a control arm, then check the ball joint by either jacking up the control arm near the ball joint to check for wheel play, or by jacking up the car and using a pry-bar to check for wheel play in a strut-style suspension.

When to change the front axle ball joint?

Front axle ball joint adjustment is generally necessary only when there is excessive play in steering, irregular wear on tires, or persistent loosening of the tie rod is observed. 1. Raise the vehicle on a hoist then place jack stands just inside of the front springs.

Do you need to remove steering arm before ball joint replacement?

The non-hardened threads in the yoke can be easily damaged by the hardened threads in the adjusting sleeve if caution is not used during knuckle removal. – On the LH knuckle, it is necessary to remove the steering arm before servicing the upper ball joint. Remove the lower ball joint snap ring before beginning.

How to replace lower ball joint on Chevy Silverado?

This video outlines the complete process of removal and replacement of the upper control arm and lower ball joint on a 2008 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD 4X4 with torsion bar front suspension. The process is similar on many GM trucks and includes tips and tricks to help make the job easy and do it right. The entire process was unedited for time.

Do you need to replace the ball joint on your car?

On the first alignment, the tech said I needed to replace the lower ball joint on the passengers side, and both of the upper ball joints. I said ok, I will take it home and change it out and bring it back.

When did the lower ball joint on my Dodge truck get replaced?

The lower ball joint on the passengers side was just replaced a few months ago at 225,000 miles. It to was the original that came on the truck in 1997. My daughter has an 08 Dodge 1500, with 125,000 miles. She took it to have the front end aligned and they told her the same thing they told you.

What kind of ball joints do rear wheel drive cars have?

The cars that often have a loaded ball joint are rear-wheel-drive cars and trucks. The other type is the follower ball joint also known as unloaded ball joint. Unlike the loaded one, this does not carry any weight. Even the lower ball joint does not support any weight of the car.

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