How does the C5 tell how much current is being used?

How does the C5 tell how much current is being used?

Another display indicates via green, amber, and red LEDs how much current is being used. The C5 is in its most economical running mode when a low amount of current, indicated by the green LEDs, is being used. When the lights are red, the motor is under a high load and the driver needs to use pedal power to avoid overheating and shutdown.

Is there a problem with my 99 C5 Corvette?

Have a ‘99 C5 that the battery went dead in, after recharging battery the instrument cluster keep going thru intermittent cycles saying Service ABS, Service … Hello, this is just the latest of problems with what I think is the muiltfunction switch turn signals work at times other not, when cruise control is activated …

What’s the psi gauge on a C5 Corvette?

C5 with a psi gauge on 80 with engine running, can I reset the gauge. Year2001 My 03 C5’s cruise disengages. Service engine soon, active handling and traction control comes up on the DIC, and check gages comes uo on the Heads Up display. …

How to ask a question about a C5 Corvette?

Below you can find an entry form to C5 Ask Corvette Garage Talk. You can submit a question about problems you have with a C5 Corvette. Also you can Respond to other peoples questions.

What are the DIC codes for a C5?

With a fresh clearing of all DIC codes, and after 3 min of 5 mph driving. I get this lists of codes: U1301 Class 2 Circuit Shorted to battery Refer to Data Link Connector System Check in Wiring System

How does the diagnostic system work on a C5 Corvette?

C5 Corvette On-Board Diagnostics, Explained. The C5 Corvette is equipped with an on-board diagnostic display feature which is capable of displaying and/or clearing Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC). By selecting specific buttons on the driver information display switch, these codes can be displayed on the cluster’s 20 character display unit.

Are there any problems with C5 climate control?

Here are some common problems you might encounter with your C5 climate control and some solutions that might help. A common problem, but a tough problem to find a solution to is one side of your dual climate control works properly and the other side only blows out hot air.

What was the problem with the C5 electrical system?

It was the Passenger side Door module. Some how that unit failing caused a Communication failure with many other systems. Im guessing a short occured and the other systems went into “safe” mode to protect them selves. ok im glad i found it. off to buy a new/used one.

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