How do I Disconnect the heated seats?

How do I Disconnect the heated seats?

I don’t know if anything else is on that connector or not. You can pull the 30amp SEAT circuit breaker, but you also disable your power and memory seat features. You can also disconnect the heated seat switch from the Driver Door Module which will also disable your memory seats, but not the power seats.

Where is the c325 connector on a car heater?

C325 is the connector for the driver’s seat heaters. It’s located under the seat near the middle, in between the cluster of motors. You can try unplugging it. Here are the pinouts in case you think you’ve found it: I don’t know if anything else is on that connector or not.

Which is warmer the passenger side or the drivers side?

Using a temperature probe I discovered that the air coming out of the passenger side vents was 10 degrees warmer than the drivers side. On very cold days I would use the heated seats all the way home to stay warm.

What to use to disconnect Dorman 800-409 heater hose?

I strongly suggest using the plastic, angled disconnect tool. Now for the Dorman 800-409, fit perfect.

How does the passenger side of a journey heater work?

From what I recall the core has parallel tubes split from the incoming heater hose. Overtime one of them scales up (usually the one that provides the heat for the passenger side) resulting in low heat for that side. Mine had good air flow as well. The actuators worked as expected. Heater cores are relatively inexpensive $75-$100).

How do you remove an old heater hose?

You will also need to purchase the Lisle 39400 Angled Disconnect Tool Set (use the plastic green sleeve) and the heater hose quick disconnect puller (long metal bar with 5/8″ u-type end) to pull the old heater hose connector off. It was frozen on. You’ll really need to pull hard/jerk hard on the old connector until it pops off.

How much does a Dorman heater hose connector cost on Amazon?

Saturday, May 29 on orders over $25.00 shipped by Amazon. Details In Stock. $ $6.99 6. 99 ( ) Includes selected options. Includes initial monthly payment and selected options.

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