How can advanced timing of fuel delivery improve fuel economy?

How can advanced timing of fuel delivery improve fuel economy?

With advanced timing of fuel delivery, you get a more complete burn within the combustion chamber. A more complete burn is equivalent to getting more power out of the same quantity of fuel. This is the first way our products serve to increase fuel economy – by getting more power out of the fuel you already use .

What can you do with fuelpak FP3 app?

Keep an eye on your motorcycle’s vitals right in the Fuelpak FP3 app. The ability to read and diagnose trouble codes, as well as the ability to view live sensor data in real time will allow you to keep a finger on the pulse of your machine. Readouts available include RPM, engine temperature, battery voltage, fuel economy, and many more.*

What kind of GADGET can I use to monitor fuel injector?

There are plenty of other things you can monitor, too, such as manifold vacuum and fuel-injector opening. The ScanGauge is even hackable, so you can customize the readout and monitor virtually anything that’s available on the vehicle’s data bus.

How can I tune my bike with fuelpak?

Download the intuitive Fuelpak FP3 app to your compatible iOS or Android device and wield the power to tune your bike right in your pocket Choose from an expansive collection of maps dyno tuned in-house by Vance & Hines, calibrated for your specific combination of motorcycle and performance parts.

Where does the fuel injector connect to the optimizer?

1. Locate the Fuel Injector on the Throttle Body, which is between the Cylinder Head and Air Intake. 2. Unplug the OEM Connector from the Fuel Injector. 3. Connect the Female Optimizer Connector to the Fuel Injector. 4. Connect the Male Optimizer Connector to the OEM Fuel Injection Wire Harness. 5. Repeat for all injectors. 6.

How does the optimizer work in a car?

Air to Fuel ratio (AFR) is measured by a wide band Oxygen sensor placed in the head pipe of the exhaust. If the AFR is rich (too much fuel) or lean (not enough fuel) we use the Optimizer tuning software to build a custom fuel map that meets the needs of the particular model that we are working with.

How does the optimizer work on HMF racing?

Mode 5 – Yellow and Blue typically controls the timing of your yellow mode. Lower on the number scale in this mode will bring your yellow mode in sooner. Higher on the number scale will bring your yellow mode in later. Mode 6 – Red and Blue typically control the timing of your red mode.

How does a fuel injection tuner work on a Harley Davidson?

The FI200R allows the tuner to adjust the fuel curve over the engine’s entire rpm range by adding fuel. It does not change rev limit or ignition timing. Newest models are equipped with a cable that connects to O2 sensors on ’06-model Dynas and all ’07 bikes.

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