Does PLDT DSL have landline?

Does PLDT DSL have landline?

Enjoy clear calls and conversations with family at affordable rates with the Philippines’ most established landline coverage. Widest CoverageBacked by PLDT’s network, with the wildest coverage in the country, the PLDT wired landline remains your family’s reliable service for clear calls and conversations.

What are the requirements for PLDT DSL?

Fill out the PLDT DSL Online Application form with all the required information details:

  1. Personal Details – name, birthdate, civil status, email address.
  2. Installation Details – complete address where your PLDT DSL plan will be installed.
  3. Primary Contact Details – mobile number and landline number (if available)

Is PLDT Home FIBR landline or DSL?

Both PLDT HOME Fibr and DSL can provide a strong reliable internet connection for you and your family. Our DSL plans uses the copper wire technology with speed of as high as up to 15 Mbps. While our Fibr plans use fiber optic technology and has a speed as high as up to 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps.

How much is the installation fee for PLDT?

FREE Installation and Modem Activation Fees (P3,600)

Is PLDT landline free?

What is PLDT CALL ALL service? The PLDT Call All Service bundles the Postpaid Main Landline and a Wireless Landline that allows you to make FREE and UNLIMITED landline calls to your Home Zone when calling from anywhere in the country.

Does PLDT DSL have data cap?

I was paying ₱1,299 a month plus additional fees for data addons because the data cap of 50 GB a month is not enough for the entire household.


PLDT DSL delivers internet connection using copper wire technology. According to PLDT, its Fibr connection can deliver speeds up to 1Gbps. Unlike DSL, a fiber connection makes equal upload and download internet speeds possible, thus allowing you to send data as fast as you can receive it from others.

Is PLDT DSL fast?

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