Do LB7 Duramax have high idle?

Do LB7 Duramax have high idle?

Full manual control of the elevated idle on your Duramax truck is possible with our High Idle Kit. Operation is simple using only your cruise…

Does LB7 have elevated idle?

What’s the high idle speed on a Duramax truck?

2) The 2001 Duramax equipped trucks have three high idle speeds: STANDBY ~850 RPM, SET~1250 RPM, and RESUME~1700 RPM.   The 2002 and 2003 trucks have only the SETand RESUMEspeeds available. 3) In some cases, the high idle option may need to be programmed using a Tech2 diagnostic scanner before it will function.

What kind of wire is needed for a Duramax idle switch?

PARTS NEEDED: 1) Terminal GM part #12084913 (5 per package) or GM part #12084912 (10    per package) to add to the ECM at terminal position C1-71. 2) Fifteen feet of 18 or 20-gauge wire.   The length of wire needed will be dependent on the location of the high idle switch.

Why do I get less mpg with a Duramax engine?

Service and maintain your Duramax truck regularly. Failing or worn Chevy Duramax parts can be culprits in reduced fuel economy. The average MPG for a truck with a Duramax engine varies depending on the truck model as well as on which Duramax engine it has.

What kind of parts do I need for a Duramax Diesel?

Rely on ProSource for a wide selection of 6.6 Duramax performance parts and aftermarket 6.6 Duramax parts to increase your gas mileage and keep your truck running great for a long time. ProSource Diesel is where repair shops shop for hard-to-find diesel truck parts and kits.

What kind of cylinder head does a Duramax use?

Not only has the head design proven reliable, but other manufacturers have begun to employ aluminum alloy cylinder heads on their diesels in order to benefit from the significant weight saving.

When did the Duramax LB7 diesel come out?

Duramax LB7 Specs & Info. The LB7 Duramax was first introduced for the 2001 model year as General Motors retired its 6.5L Detroit diesel.

What is the first year of the Duramax?

The LB7 Duramax was first introduced for the 2001 model year as General Motors retired its 6.5L Detroit diesel. In every possible way, the Duramax was superior to the outdated Detroit and marked a revolutionary turning point for GMC and Chevrolet pickups in the diesel marketplace.

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