Do I have to give someone a refund on eBay?

Do I have to give someone a refund on eBay?

If the listing states that the seller offers returns, the buyer may return the item for any reason, including if they change their mind about the item (“remorse” returns). When a buyer requests a return within the seller’s return policy, the seller must allow them to return the item for a full refund.

What happens if I refund a buyer on eBay?

When you refund an item, you can also ask the buyer to return the item to you. But you may have to pay for their shipping costs, so if the item in question wasn’t all that valuable to begin with, consider just letting the buyer keep it anyway.

How do I refund someone via PayPal?

How to refund a payment on PayPal

  1. Log into your account and click on the “Activity” tab at the top of the screen.
  2. Find the payment you want to refund and click on the name of the payer.
  3. Click the “Refund this payment” button that appears under the total.

What to do if a seller refuses to refund on eBay?

You can refuse returns but you cannot refuse refunds. If the dispute was Item Not Received, you are required to provide Proof of Delivery (basically the tracking number) and if you cannot eBay will refund the buyer and come after you for their money.

How long do eBay refunds take?

Get your refund Once the item is delivered to the seller, your refund should be processed within 2 business days. Your refund will be sent to your original payment method and funds are usually available within 3-5 business days. You can check on your refund in your Purchase history – opens in new window or tab.

Does eBay automatically refund?

In most cases, we will automatically accept return requests and provide a return shipping label to a buyer wishing to return an item if an eBay label is available. If no action is taken, eBay will automatically issue the refund two business days after the tracking number shows a confirmed delivery status.

Why is there no refund option on PayPal?

Answer: Verify the date of the Paypal transaction. Per Paypal’s restriction, you can only refund within 60 days from the initial transaction date. You can use the error code to cross reference with Paypal API errors.

Can eBay sellers refuse refunds?

Can I refuse eBay refund?

Can I refuse to give a refund on eBay? Technically, yes, you can refuse a request, but the buyer has ways to open an account case with eBay who will make the final decision. If they decide the request is reasonable, then they will process the request and transfer the money from the company’s funds to the buyer.

Will eBay refund my money if seller has not?

You’re eligible for the eBay Money Back Guarantee when you contact the seller within 30 days of actual or estimated delivery date of the item. If you received an item that is not as described, or didn’t receive an item at all, the eBay Money Back Guarantee always protects you—even if the seller does not offer returns.

How can I get a full refund on eBay?

Go to your My eBay Purchase history,and in the drop-down menu next to the item in question,choose Return or Item not received (within 30 days of delivery).

  • Verify that this is the item in question.
  • Click Resolve a Problem.
  • Answer the questions on the resulting page and you’ll get a link to report your case.
  • How long does it take to get a refund from eBay?

    The time frame for getting a refund on eBay depends on the circumstances. It only takes a minute or two to log in and physically issue a refund. If you’re waiting for a refund for an item you’ve returned then you must first wait for the return to be delivered. After that, the seller is supposed to issue the refund within 6 days.

    Does eBay have refunds?

    Unlike a traditional store, however, there is no “customer service counter” or “refunds and exchanges” counter on eBay. Instead, returns and refunds have to be coordinated through direct communication between buyer and seller until both parties are satisfied.

    How to return a purchased eBay item for a refund?

    Here’s how you can do that: Go back to www.ebay.com and log into your account. Move your mouse cursor over My eBay, and then click Purchase History . Scroll down to the “Returns and Cancelled Orders” section and click See Return Details beside the item you need to return. In most cases, either the seller or eBay itself will provide you with a return shipping label.

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