Can you buy a warranty from Ford?

Can you buy a warranty from Ford?

With the Ford Protect Premium Maintenance Plan, vehicle owners receive coverage for scheduled maintenance. You can purchase a Ford extended warranty any time you want. If you purchase a vehicle from a Ford dealership, you will likely be offered an extended warranty at that time.

When do you get extra care warranty from Ford Canada?

There are certain requirements that your vehicle must meet to qualify for a Ford Canada Premium Care ESP warranty. If you’re within 3 years and under 60,000 km from the original purchase date of a new Ford or Lincoln, you’re eligible for an additional pricing rebate! No vehicle inspection required!

Where can I buy Ford protect extended warranty?

Contact us online or call us at (800) 758-3673 today for more detailed information about each of the Ford Protect extended service plans and Ford warranties that we offer. Or, if you’re ready you can buy your Ford extended service plan now.

Which is better Ford protect or Ford Extra care?

Ford Protect ExtraCare provides additional component protection to the BaseCare plan and includes many high-tech terms. If you want the advantages of Ford Protect and the security of comprehensive protection, this is the plan for you. ExtraCARE provides coverage for ten major vehicle systems for vehicles with fewer high tech components.

What does the base care Ford warranty cover?

The Base Care Ford warranty covers 84 aspects of the function and maintenance of your vehicle. It includes all of those previously mentioned in the Powertrain Ford extended service plan, plus a few more. Slightly higher priced than the Powertrain, this one offers a few extras that may be useful.

Should you buy a Ford extended warranty?

To choose a warranty extension provider, you must ensure that it offers a reputable service, even if you have to pay a fee. Therefore, a Ford extended warranty may be a good purchase because you know that the Ford brand is reliable.

How much does a Ford extended warranty cost?

To budget, a good car extended warranty from a reputable company will cost anywhere from $350 to $800 per year or about $750 to $4,500+ as a one-time payment.

How to contact Ford warranty?

  • Fill out an online contact form to initiate an email exchange.
  • express your concern to a representative through a
  • Reach out on social media if your question is fairly simple.

    What is included in the Ford warranty?

    Ford factory warranties also include roadside assistance for 5 years/60,000 miles, which covers towing to the nearest Ford Motor Company dealership, flat tire change, fuel delivery, jump starts, lock-out assistance, and winch-out services . Need more coverage?

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