Can a fiberglass hood be used on a corvette?

Can a fiberglass hood be used on a corvette?

If you are tracking down an aftermarket Chevrolet Corvette fiberglass hood be sure to browse through our extensive collection. DID YOU KNOW? Weight savings in only one of the many advantages of fiberglass.

What kind of car was the corvette in 1979?

While the fastback Corvette design introduced in 1978 carried over into the 1979 model year, there were a few, mostly subtle, refinements made to the car’s overall appearance.

What kind of headlights are in a 1979 corvette?

Tungsten-halogen headlights were phased into 1979 production early in the model year for increased visibility. The tungsten-halogen headlight beams replaced only the high-beam units. Lastly, a couple of items the 1978 Pace Car Package became options for the 1979 model year.

What was the VIN number for a 1979 corvette?

1979 Corvette Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) The last six digits for the Corvette Coupe begin at 400001 and run thru 453807, accounting for all 53,807 Corvette Coupes built in 1979. 5,227 Corvettes were sold in Canada. Each Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is unique to an individual car. 1979 Corvette Vehicle Serial Number Plate

What kind of Hood do you need for a corvette?

Carbon Fiber parts have to be clear coated with a high ultra violet blocking (UVB) clearcoat. Note: The pictures of this hood are our Fiberglass version, however the dimensions are exactly the same. Your hood will come in a hand built crate to ensure a safe delivery. It will weigh 90-125 lbs and have handles on each side.

What kind of paint does a 1979 Corvette have?

1979 Chevrolet CorvetteThe 1979 Chevrolet Corvette featured here with T-Tops is available in black 1979 Chevrolet Corvette (Stock #392) DRIVER QUALITY CORVETTE PAINT 7/10 QUALITY RATING INTERIOR 7.5

What kind of engine does a 1979 Corvette have?

400 Tremec 5-Speed, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Power Windows, Tilt/Telescopic Wheel, Glass Top This Super Low Mileage 1979 Chevy Corvette is a neat C3 Vette finished in Light Blue with Oyster in 1979 Chevrolet Corvette The C3 generation of Corvette spanned from 1967 to 1982. While t

What’s the price of a 1979 Chevy Corvette?

1979 Chevrolet Corvette The C3 generation of Corvette spanned from 1967 to 1982. While t For Sale $22900 1979 CHEVROLET CORVETTE “NCRS TOP FLITE CERTIFIED” BLUE RIBBON WINNER.14585 ACTUAL If you like very original cars that are in great condition, with low miles, AND are inexpensive,

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