Can a Chevy Silverado be used as a snow plow?

Can a Chevy Silverado be used as a snow plow?

Winter’s coming, and that means it’s time to get your Silverado ready. Pick up a snow plow to ensure that you are prepared for the worst of it. Snow and ice don’t stand a chance against our Silverado snow plows, and attaching one to the front of your truck is a great way to make a little bit of extra money this winter.

How to use Product Selector on BOSS Snowplow?

Enter your vehicle specifications into our Product Selector tool to display products recommended for your vehicle. Several vehicle specifications are taken into consideration in order to make an accurate recommendation for your specific vehicle and needs.

How does the Western security guard snow plow work?

The exclusive WESTERN ® SECURITY GUARD ™ snowplow anti-theft system is a safe and secure way to electronically lock your snow plow when it is detached from your truck as a deterrent from theft. This advanced snow plow light and electrical system features improved electrical pins in the harness for trouble-free connections.

How big is a 78 Chevy snow plow?

The rumble of that ’78 Chevy’s Cherry Bombs blasting out 350 cubic-inches of power as it bulldozed its way down the driveway was well worth a few minutes of lost sleep. Thirty years later, the kid has grown up, and now sees plow trucks from a more mature perspective.

Where can I buy a GMC boss plow?

Boss Plow Mounts for Chevy GMC trucks are available from SnowplowsPlus at just a few clicks of your mouse. You’ll find the entire catalog below of all of the RT3 Boss Plow Mounts for Chevy and GMC trucks broken down by year and model of Chevy and GMC truck.

Can a Chevy Silverado 1500 be used for plowing?

I have a 2001 Chevy Silverado 1500 that I started using for plowing last year. It seems to work fine. You might want to check out this website http://www.timbren.com/. They have some suspension products you might be interested in.

What’s the latest version of the boss snow plow?

Over the years, Boss has transitioned from RTII to RT3 snow plows with RT3 being the newest. While there are still some RTII complete mount kits around, they are very difficult to find.

Is the door handle on a Silverado a plow?

If your door handle breaks, and you have a plow on the truck, that is not a plow related issue. Once you get into suspension and drivetrain issues then it may get sticky. It all depends on the dealer. Most dont even notice the plow mount on the truck.

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