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Who made Plymouth?

Who made Plymouth?

Daimler AG1998–2000
Plymouth Voyager/Manufacturers

Is there a Plymouth Voyager with a manual transmission?

The Plymouth Voyager, which was a rebadged version of the Caravan, was also available with a manual transmission. The Chrysler Town & Country, released in 1990, which was a more luxurious repackaged version of the Caravan, had no manual transmission option.

When did the Chrysler Caravan and Voyager come out?

As all models equipped with the 3.0 L engine were produced during the time period in which the Caravan and Voyager model year was 1989, the United States Environmental Protection Agency lists it as a 1989 model rather than a 1990, despite the VIN indicating otherwise.

Which is the most luxurious dodge or Plymouth minivan?

As the Chrysler Corporation’s most luxurious minivan, the Town & Country came standard with nearly every feature available on Plymouth and Dodge minivans in addition to some exclusive amenities of its own.

Is the Lancia Voyager a Chrysler Town and Country?

The Lancia Voyager is a version of Chrysler Town & Country for European market, as a replacement of Lancia Phedra. Changes include removal of chrome bodyside molding. Changes include removal of chrome bodyside molding.

When did the Plymouth Voyager come out in the US?

In 1984, Chrysler marketed the rebadged Plymouth variant of its new minivan as the Voyager, using the Chrysler’s S platform, derived from the K-platform ( Plymouth Reliant and Dodge Aries ). The Voyager shared components with the K-cars including portions of the interior, e.g.,…

How many seats does a Plymouth Voyager have?

Canadian commercials in 1990 featured pop singer Celine Dion. 1984-1986 Voyagers could be equipped for five, six, seven passengers, with an eight-passenger variant available only in 1985. Five-passenger seating, standard on all trim levels, consisted of two front bucket seats and an intermediate three-passenger bench seat.

What are the safety features of a Plymouth Voyager?

Standard on all Voyagers were legally mandated side-impact reinforcements for all seating front and rear outboard positions. Safety features such as airbags or ABS were not available. Notably, the Voyager, along with the Dodge Caravan, are considered to be the first mass produced vehicles to have dedicated built in cup holders.

What’s the difference between a Plymouth Voyager and Dodge Sportsman?

In contrast to Dodge, the Voyager was marketed solely as a passenger van; in line with the Sportsman, 12–15 passenger seating was offered. Early versions of the Voyager were visually similar to their Dodge counterparts, centering Plymouth badging in the grille (as with Fargo vans and 1971-1973 Dodges).

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