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Where can I find a 1984 Chevette CS diesel?

Where can I find a 1984 Chevette CS diesel?

With all the San Francisco Bay Area veggie-oil-diesel freaks snapping up Peugeot 504 and Mercedes-Benz W123 diesels for conversion to never-to-be-finished french-fry-grease-burners to take to Nevada, you’d think that this Chevette would have been worth enough to evade The Crusher. Guess not.

What kind of fuel economy does a Chevette get?

With its gasoline engine, the Chevette rated as much as 28 mpg city, 40 highway. Starting in 1981, the car was available with a four-cylinder diesel engine. This got even better fuel economy but was slower still than the gas model.

When did the Chevy Chevette go out of date?

The Chevrolet Chevette was mechanically out of date when it debuted, changed very little over its lifetime, and was long past any semblance of modern when it retired in 1987.

What do you need to know about diesel fuel injection?

This supplemental manual is designed to provide dealer service personnel with information on diagnosing, maintaining and servicing the diesel fuel injection systems used in Chevrolet passenger cars and light-duty trucks equipped with diesel engines.

When did Chevy start selling the Chevette diesel?

Chevette’s sold well. In fact in 1978 over 300,000 Chevette’s were sold to economy minded owners. By 1981 GM and Chevy needed to increase economy so the Diesel Chevette was born. Again borrowing from GM owned Isuzu Chevy shoehorned the 1.8 liter clacker under the hood of the Chevette.

What kind of engine does a Chevette have?

The 1.8L Isuzu engine was used in a variety of applications, so I’d assume parts-sourcing wouldn’t be impossible, but I doubt you’ll find too many of these in your local junkyards. In the race for better fuel economy, the Chevette Diesel actually helped put Chevy on the top 10 list of the country’s most fuel efficient models.

How many miles does a 1984 Chevette diesel have?

Not many Chevette Diesels have survived. Not much in demand they oddly have little or no value. Same because they make great around town cars. Our feature 1984 Chevette Diesel has 142,101 miles and is in good condtion. What’s It Worth? Find out what’s happening in Port Jefferson with free, real-time updates from Patch.

Is the Chevy Chevette Cruze a diesel car?

Ironically enough, Chevy recently introduced a diesel option for its popular Cruze model– in my opinion, one of the best small cars it has ever made. The Chevette Diesel featured a snoozer of an engine, but it did two important things very well: it was tough to kill and turned a few drops of diesel fuel into miles of motoring.

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